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New Features for 2016


New Options for 2016



  • Monsoon 410: 6.2L - 410 ft-lbs torque - 1.76: 1 gear ratio

  • Monsoon 450: 6.2L - 450 ft-lbs torque - 1.76:1 gear ratio

  • Monsoon 575 Supercharged: 6.2L - 575 ft-lbs torque - 1.5:1 gear ratio


Integrated Surf Platform

When you’re in a Malibu, the sum is indeed greater than its parts… And when the parts are all revolutionary, industry-changing innovations, you get Malibu’s peerless Integrated Surf Platform—or ISP for short. Since 2012, when we introduced our revolutionary Surf Gate system, Malibu has offered much more than a commodity, like our competitors. Instead, we’ve given our customers a comprehensive, integrated platform unequaled in performance, innovation, customization, and adjustability. Malibu designs and builds everything on a platform, with an eye on the future, to ensure total, seamless integration of innovations.

Surf Band

Imagine total wake control at your fingertips. It's yours with Malibu's revolutionary Surf Gate. he first wave-maker to appear on the market. Surf Gate has consistently and easily outperformed and outsold every competitor copy since it came out. With an almost 100 percent adoption rate. We sell well over 3,000 Surf Gate Systems per year, dwarfing our competition. Equipped with the Surf Gate, our bigger, more versatile, hydraulic Power Wedge II, the refined engineering of our Wake-And-Wave-Maximizing hulls, and our on-the-fly Quad Hard-Tank and Plug 'N' Play Ballast Systems, Malibu's 2015 models can make monster wakes and literally turn them into the biggest waves the industry has ever seen.

Command Center

This year Malibu becomes the first to market with a 12-inch touchscreen, which joins our 7-inch MTC to form the display for our peerless new Command Center giving the driver endless data in an easy-to-navigate interface. Every major feature is on the home screen, menu paths have been streamlined, and each component meets IP60 water-intrusion standards.The new Command Center's sport dash option includes an expandable smartphone cradle, dry-storage box with USB charger, and a new intuitive analog control dial for the Surf Gate, Power Wedge II, Speed, and Stereo. This new dial is a great convenience and a cinch to get the hang of, allowing the driver to control all of the above with one hand- and without taking their eyes off the water. Only Malibu offers its customers so much versatility, with both a state-of-the-art digital interface and such a smart but simple hands-on control.

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