1. Malibu offers two different bow configurations. What’s the difference?

Many of our loyal customers like the look of a traditional, pointed bow. In 2012, we offered our first pickle fork shaped bow, to meet the demand of customers wanting more bow space. This shape is also becoming known as a flagship wakeboarding boat, as most brands are following suit. Besides the increased room, you will see a slight increase in the boats dry weight, but can expect the same performance and handling of a WAKESETTER. This year, you can find pickle fork configurations on the 22 and 24 MXZ, as well as the Axis A 20 and A 22.

2. What makes the VTX wake so much more versatile than the other boats in the water sports segment? Do you call the VTX a crossover?

At 20 feet and 3,500 lbs., the VTX gives you more responsiveness, which can accommodated three disciplines: water skiing, wakesurfing and wakeboarding. With similar hull characteristics as the RESPONSE TXi, the VTX also has a pop-up swivel head ski pylon to accommodate high-level slalom. With our quad, hard-tank ballast setup, all you need to do is fine-tune the Power Wedge to your liking and wakeboarding becomes a dream. Due to the VTX’s narrow beam, it’s easy to sink and create a sizable, clean wakesurf wave. Add SURF GATE to experience a perfect wave on both sides. The Illusion G3 tower can accommodate all kinds of gear, making this boat one of the best crossovers you will find.

3. What are the differences between the Ride and Wakesetter series?

With the RIDE, you are getting proven performance at a more affordable price. These are previous WAKESETTERS with a slightly different hull design than the current WAKESETTER. Some people still prefer the classic hull design and really appreciate the price tag.

4. Why does Malibu put so much emphasis and invest so heavily in their research and development department?

Our director of product development, Danny Gasper, has been with us for 24 years and keeps innovating with exciting ideas. “Continuous Improvement” is the motto around the factory and we feel like we can always make a better boat. The Malibu team is a collection of people who truly love the sport and out of that passion comes our interest in R&D.

5. What is Malibu’s relationship with Axis Wake Research?

It’s no secret that Axis is a part of the Malibu company. The branding and target consumer is differentiated, but the mission is similar. Malibu offers more high-end, luxury amenities and Axis specializes in all the hard core essentials, with a performance hull at a great value.

6. What are the most important areas I, as a consumer, should be concerned with regarding any boat brand that I may consider purchasing?


-Construction, attention to detail

-Dealer support

-On water performance

7. When Malibu says “best performing boats on the market”, exactly what does that mean? How can I test and compare that with other boats?

We recommend always test-driving the boat before purchasing. With Malibu, you will see limited bow rise and no porposing. There is also a lack of rudder stall and chine lock in tight turns. Wakeboarders love our consistent, clean wakes and skiers are setting world records.

8. What is it about a Malibu’s wake shape and performance that will allow me to enjoy the wake sports more than other boats?

A bad wake will limit your progression as a rider. Malibu’s wakes are more consistent in rougher conditions. The wake also has a long transition with ability to shape the lip using Power Wedge. Our boats are built from the wake up, whether it’s a RIDE, WAKESETTER or Axis, you will be getting the cleanest, best wake you will find.

9. As an owner, is there a community I will be a part of?

You will instantly have access to the best customer service in the industry, and trained dealers can provide maintenance and offer fun, local events. Also join Club Malibu for more benefits and browse interactive forums at The Malibu Crew. Be sure to “like” us and post your own content to facebook.com/malibuboatsfan. Also, follow us on Twitter.

10. Where can I get a Malibu Boat Manual?

You can request a Malibu Boat Manual by contacting our customer service department by email at contact.us@malibuboats.com or by phone (865) 458-5478