Developed in utmost secrecy, Malibu’s M235 was designed to be nothing less than the most ultra-premium performance towboat the world has ever seen, giving you the edge on the water anywhere, every time.

Everything you see and touch in the M235 exemplifies Malibu’s highest quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

User-friendly 12” and 7” touch screens give you comprehensive data in an easy-to-navigate Command Center. Together with our Sport Dash rotary dial and steering wheel controls, the screens put full control at your fingertips.

Compare the M235’s hull to other boats to see the size difference between these two watersports machines.

We made the M235 the ultimate family boat for all ages and skill levels.

Using the M235’s cutting-edge ISP technology, you can create what are unquestionably the biggest wakes and surf waves on the water.

Get your family or friends out on the water to see why the Malibu M235 sets the bar for on–water innovation, quality, and performance.

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The Official Towboat Of The



Length               23.5’ / 7.14 m

Beam                 102” / 2.6 m

Draft                  32” / 0.81 m

Seating              17 persons

Weight cap        2,397 lbs / 1,087 k

Dry weight         6,200 lbs / 2,812 k

Fuel cap            78 gal / 295 L

Std torque         575

Max torque       575

Std ballast         2,360 lbs / 1,070 kg

Max ballast       5,000 lbs / 2,269 kg

Hull type            Wake +


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