2013 Malibu Open Waterski Festival: Results & Photos

Words & Photos by Todd Ristorcelli of WATERSKI Magazine

The Malibu Open returned to Veterans Park Lagoon June 21-22 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the fourth consecutive year, and this year’s event proved to be the most successful ever. Favorable weather and skiing conditions setup  world-record performances and intense head-to-head slalom action that was well received by thousands of spectators that lined the shores throughout the two day event. Towing the event, Malibu’sResponse TXi ran from sunrise until sunset, and with $65,000 on the line for the world’s best male and female  jumpers and slalom skiers, certain competitors rose to the occasion with world-record buoy counts and back-to-back wins. The most notable skier of the weekend, 22-year-old Nate Smith from McCordsville, Indiana, ran 41 off three times during the event, and tied his world-record (co-held with Chris Parrish) of 2 at 43 off in his final round head-to-head matchup against Great Britain’s Will Asher. Another epic moment, watching world-record holder Freddy Krueger fly 223-feet to make it to the semi-final round after going out-the-front and taking a beating on his first jump of the opening round.

Women’s Slalom

1. Regina Jaquess 2. Whitney McClintock 3. April Coble-Eller

Men’s Slalom

1. Nate Smith 2. Will Asher 3. Chris Rossi 3. Aaron Larkin

Women’s Jump 

1. Jacinta Carroll 2. Marion Mathieu 3. Jutta Lammi

Men’s Jump

1. Freddy Krueger 2. Tom Asher 3. Scot Ellis

Under 17 Boys Slalom: 1. Daniel Di Pol, Under 17 Boys Jumping: 1. Taylor Garcia

Under 17 Girls Slalom: 1. Allie Nicholson, Under 17 Girls Jumping: 1. Illana Bischofberger

Under 21 Boys Slalom: 1: Dane Melcher, Under 21 Boys Jumping: 1. Alex King

Under 21 Girls Slalom: 1. Kara MacIntyre, Under 21 Girls Jumping: Taryn Grant