2014 Malibu Open Recap

The 2014 Malibu Open took Milwaukee by storm on August 1-2, with the Malibu Response TXi towing the best athletes in the world and festival fun on shore for the crowd of all ages. Malibu Boats in conjunction with the Pro Ski Tour collaborated to deliver an unforgettable event for athletes and spectators alike.

Malibu's Monsoon Series engine developed specifically for the Malibu Performance line of boats flawlessly powered the Response TXi at this year's Malibu Open. Canada’s Ryan Dodd had a standout performance on the weekend, jumping over 700 feet total on his three jumps in the final. He surpassed Freddy Krueger by one foot, jumping 238 feet for the win. Australia’s Jacinta Carroll won the women’s jumping title with a distance of 173 feet on the first of her three attempts.

Regina Jaquess and Nate Smith won titles in the slalom events and younger athletes won titles in the Under 17 and Under 21 slalom and jumping events. Full results here.

The men's and women's elite slalom events consisted of head-to-head finales pitting the top-four competitors from the elimination round against each other. Regina won the women's slalom title for the third consecutive year, defeating Whitney McClintock in the head-to-head final with 6 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off to McClintock’s 4 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off.

Nate Smith defeated K.C. Wilson in the head-to-head finale with a score of 6 buoys at 41 feet off to Wilson’s 1-1/2 buoys at 41 feet off

Malibu’s Thomas Degasperi took third and was impressed with the event once again, “Veterans Park is an amazing site that attracts thousands of spectators,” Degasperi said. “The event was run incredibly well by Malibu Boats and the Pro Ski Tour. It’s super hard to get into the finals and especially on the podium because the level of skiing is very elevated. The reason is because the Response TXi has an incredible pull, a butter-soft wake and each skier can perform at their highest level giving 110 percent and obtaining incredible scores.”