Amber Wing’s “Sets In Motion” Episode 6

This spring, Amber Wing launched a series of high-quality web videos called Sets In Motion. This all-female project is designed to push boundaries by showcasing girls exceeding their limits on and off the water, while creating inspiring experiences for generations to follow. Sets In Motion will be the most progressive women’s wakeboard project to date.

“Women’s wakeboarding has progressed so much over the past few years, although there really isn’t a platform for us to showcase it,” Amber said. “We only have a few contests a year and hardly any video-based projects. I want to create something for us with no focus on one individual. This will be something that helps the girls be motivated and progress the sport.”

Episode 6 takes place at Malibu’s catalog shoot at a secret spot in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, featuring Amber, Dallas Friday and Tarah Mikacich.