INSIDE LOOK: Towboat Of The Red Bull Wake Open

The WAKESETTER 22 MXZ proves itself again in its second year towing wakeboarding’s biggest event.

In recent years, there’s been a lot of talk amongst pro wakeboarders about wakes behind today’s flagship contest boats. It’s an opinionated group, but they tend to agree on a good wake when they hit it. During the Boat event at the 2014 Red Bull Wake Open, all of the sentiments were similar. This wake was the best of the best and the WAKESETTER 22 MXZ delivered.

“The wake on the 22 MXZ is the best in the industry. It’s just the right shape and stays consistent. Even when it’s fully weighted, it’s nice to have all the space inside to bring all your friends. Or in this case, a full judging panel and several cameramen.” – Phil Soven

“The 22 MXZ was dialed! Massive and super clean.” – Oli Derome

“This wake is so big and clean. Amazing pop.” – Chad Sharpe

“The towboat ran great the entire time and served up a big, perfectly shaped wake for all the riders to go big. There isn’t a more massive and consistent wake out there. I know all the competitors enjoyed showcasing their riding behind the 22 MXZ at the biggest contest of the year.” – Brian Grubb (driver)

“The more I’ve been in this boat, the more I like it.” – Jimmy Trask (judge)

“The wake today was bangin’. One big strength about the Malibu wake is that it never curls and it’s just massive, so you can do whatever kind of tricks you want. There’s also a nice transition to land on. This wake definitely helped my riding this weekend and all the other riders were pumped on it too.” – Raph Derome (champion of the Boat event at Red Bull Wake Open)

At Malibu, we focus on the 22 MXZ’s performance at top events, but pride ourselves on its ability to perform for a wide range of riders. This philosophy is carried out across our entire lineup. Everyone, from first-timers to Raph Derome, can dial in the perfect pull for their desires and aspirations.

With customizable ballast settings and the ability to fine-tune the PowerWedge, you can set your perfect wake at any shape and any speed. You’ve also got the ability to change it up and go wakesurfing within seconds on either side of the boat with SURF GATE. And whether you’re ripping behind the boat or just along for a day on the water, there’s something way cool about the Malibu vibe that creates an experience like no other.

WAKESETTER 22 MXZ (Red Bull Wake Open Towboat)

Length: 22 feet

Beam: 102 inches

Draft: 27 inches

Seating: 15 persons

Weight: 4,400 lbs.

Ballast: 4 internal ballast hard tanks, plus two Plug N Play sacks.

Prop: Acme (pitched for low-end power)

PowerWedge Setting: all the way down

Engine: Monsoon 555HP 572/LSA 6.2L (supercharged)

This engine is the first production supercharged Gen-IV small block engine for the marine industry and is the same 6.2L Supercharged LSA that powers the world’s fastest production sedan, The Cadillac CTS-V. Malibu also offers a range of engines to meet your requirements for all boats in our line.

Call your local dealer and set up your own test drive of a brand new WAKESETTER 22 MXZ or any other boat in the line. Also, get creative and design your own Malibu with our Build A Boat feature.