Malibu Dominates By Winning Nine Awards During Surf Expo 2013

Surf Expo was a big weekend for Malibu as the company, pro team and a top retailer took home a total of nine awards throughout the weekend.

WSIA’s “Retailer Of The Year” went to Tommy’s, who opened up two new shops in Florida and Michigan this season, in addition to their original Colorado location. “Innovation Of The Year” was awarded to SURF GATE, which drew a roar from the crowd and big turnout on stage with Malibu’s staff and team riders. We have always said that SURF GATE revolutionized wakesurfing, and winning this award was a testament to that statement.

As the TransWorld Wake Awards commenced, Amber Wing won “Best Women’s Rider” and was very proud of her accomplishments this season, which also included the coveted Queen Of Wake competitive title. “I had so much going on this year with so many goals including competing and producing ‘Sets In Motion’ and was pushing all aspects of my riding,” Amber said. “Winning Best Women’s Rider was the icing on the cake and a great way to finish off the season.” Amber also won the Female Rider Of The Year.

Raph Derome, last year’s “Best Wakeboarder,” took home two awards this year, including “Rail Master” and “Best Video Part” for his performance in “RAPH” which came out nearly 365 days previous and delivered 123,000 views on Vimeo/YouTube. Raph also won the Rail Rider Of The Year award.

Phil Soven accepted his King Of Wake title, which is the highest accolade in competitive wakeboarding. Phil dominated the 2013 season once again and won this season title for the fourth time. In his career, Phil has won a total of 64 major events, including 22 Pro Tour stops, three National titles and three World titles. “I’ve had a long career so far and have seen a lot of changes,” Phil said. “There’s no way I'm even close to stopping now. I can't wait to see the progression continue and see where this sport will take us over the next few years.”

The heaviest and most emotional moment of the evening came during the awarding of The Legend, which went to Cobe Mikacich this year. Cobe has been a wakeboarder since day one and still continues to ride and contribute to the betterment of the sport on a daily basis. “This award really means a lot to me,” Cobe said to the crowd of 1,000 people including his entire family who made a surprise visit from California. “I’ve put my heart and soul into this thing and it’s an honor to be up here with these other amazing legends.” Get your chance to ride with “The Mikker” and learn from a Legend at Freedom Wake Park in Orlando.

Congrats to The Malibu Pro Team, Tommy’s and Malibu’s Product Development team on a very successful Surf Expo. This weekend compared to the last weekend in July, when Malibu’s Pro Team made eight podium appearances on the same weekend across the globe. We hold these awards in high regard and know these innovations, our incredible dealers and athlete performances are the reason for Malibu/Axis having a 32 percent market share, an increase of nine points (23-32 percent) in the last three years.