Congrats to Malibu Pro Team skiers Regina Jaquess, Will Asher and Thomas Degasperi for their wonderful performances at the 33rd Water Ski World Championships on November 26 - December 1, at Lago Los Morros in San Bernardo, Chile.

With athletes representing 32 countries, the event hosted the best of the best. In Women’s Slalom, Regina set a World Championship record with 1 buoy @ 41 off in the elimination round as well as the finals, winning the World Slalom Title for 2013. This is her second career (2005) World Slalom Title. Regina also jumped 171 feet, taking fourth place in Women’s Jumping.

For the Women’s Overall Title, Jaquess won the gold medal for the third time (2003 and 2005) in her career, tallying 2,765.54 points after recording top scores of 1 buoy @ 41 feet off in Slalom, 8,490 points in Tricks, and 171 feet (52.0 meters) in Jumping.

Skiing for Great Britian, Will Asher earned a silver medal for second place in Men’s Slalom (3 buoys @ 41 off). Italy’s Thomas Degasperi placed fifth.

The U.S. Elite Water Ski Team also won the overall team gold medal, capping off a stellar weekend in Chile. Congrats to Regina and the rest of the newly crowned World Champions.