Be sure to stay tuned on Saturday, November 2 as Regina Jaquess will be attempting to set a new womens slalom world record. Eagle Sports will be hosting an invitation-only RC Tournament pitting the current world record holders against each other. Invitations were sent out to the skiers that currently hold, or have held a slalom world record in the previous 12 months.

Each skier will ski three sets. After each set, each skier's run will be compared to their personal world record. If a skier ties his or her world record, they'll get 100 points. If they ski 90 percent of their record, they get 90 points. If they go over, thus setting a new record, they get 15 extra bonus points and a boat load of cash from their boat sponsors. After three rounds, the skier with the most points wins a $2,000 bonus. Skiing to one's maximum potential across three rounds is the test at hand.

Between each round, Eagle Sports will be interviewing the skiers asking them questions about their travels, workout routines, equipment, favorite foods, etc. They hope to put on an exciting event for the skiers while at the same time learning more about the great athletes.

Stay tuned to Eagle's Facebook page for webcast info and more.