Tarah Mikacich Interview By Wake World

Although she’s gone from one famous watersports name (Benzel) to another (Mikacich), Tarah Mikacich has been quietly making a name for herself. Once you’ve been introduced to her bubbly personality and experienced her drive to progress in all she does, it’s no surpise that she’s successful in just about any undertaking. Even in the off-season we had to catch the busy Tarah between projects so you could find out more about her.

WW: What’s the most important part about being a pro wakeboarder?
TM: I think that loving what you do has got to be the most important thing. Sometimes people get too caught up with little things and they forget to be grateful that they get to wakeboard and spend their days on the water.

WW: What’s the hardest part?
TM: Sometimes it’s hard to know how far you can push yourself. There’s always a risk that what you’re trying could injure you and set you back, OR it could bring your riding up to the next level.

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