During Surf Expo 2013, the WSIA Leadership Award for “Innovation Of The Year” was awarded to SURF GATE® by Malibu Boats in front of 1,000 people before the 10th Annual Wake Awards in Orlando, Florida. Over 20 members of team Malibu stormed the stage proudly to accept this highly coveted award.

Released in June of 2012, SURF GATE revolutionized the activity of wakesurfing behind a boat. In the past, participants were forced to lean their boat to one side to create a rideable wave, and wakesurfers were limited to surfing on one side of the boat at a time.

Malibu’s VP of Product Design, Danny Gasper, masterminded a way to change the convergence of water off the hull, while keeping the boat evenly weighted. Along with his team, Gasper and crew began the SURF GATE project. The result took shape in deflectors on each side of the hull, operated by the driver with a touch-screen activated system allowing the wakesurfer to transfer sides on the fly without ever having to lean the boat. Released to the market on June 15, 2012, the innovation also allows for switching activities from wakesurfing to wakeboarding or waterskiing in a snap.

Malibu’s CEO Jack Springer is proud of his team’s accomplishment. “From design, to marketing to our athletes and customers testimonials, the launch of SURF GATE was nothing short of revolutionary,” Springer said. “And to be recognized on this stage was a great moment for Malibu Boats. We are committed to leading the activity of wakesurfing on all levels, and innovation is the cornerstone.”

SURF GATE was also released on Axis Wake Research towboats for the 2014 model year. For more, go to and


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