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Raphael Derome

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Raph Derome's Beyond Perception

Residence: Coteau Du Lac, Quebec, Canada

Sponsors: Malibu, Liquid Force, Billabong, RedBull, Von Zipper, Sesitec, Unit, Axis

Number of years with Malibu: 6

Current boat: WAKESETTER 22 MXZ

Boat speed: 23.6 m.p.h.

Line length: 80 feet

Power Wedge setting: Not engaged, but the boat is fully weighted.

Best career moment: Filming "Learn A New Trick" with Collin Harrington. That hyped me up. WATCH IT

Favorite trick: Indy tantrum backside 360. I just like to edge hard for that trick and the way I throw it makes it fun for me.

An ideal day in your Malibu consists of: Flat, warm water and for some reason, I like it when it’s about to rain.

Plans / goals for 2014: FIlm what I want with my friends and we'll see for the rest. 

Fun fact that most people do not know about you: I've never said a swear word in my life. I don’t know why.


Out of the last 365 days, about how many have you spent traveling? Hard to say. Maybe 125?


What is it like to reach the top of the sport, now that you have had time to gain a perspective on it? I don't really understand the meaning, but getting all the attention from the industry at the same time is definitely something that's weird. I've learned my ways to deal with it and it's not something that is very special to me. Really, it is just the rider that ends up putting more pressure on himself after all, so I try not to think about it.


Were you surprised to win the boat event at Red Bull Wake Open last year? I came in the event trying to do my best. I'm stoked that I won, but I didn't expect it, but I was definitely trying for it!


What does Malibu mean to you as a brand? It is a big family to me. I get along really well with the staff and team and it is fun to be a part of. Whenever we have Maibu trips, I know we will be taken care of and that we'll have fun. Thank you to everyone at Malibu Boats!



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