Why Malibu


Malibu Boats Factory Tour

Malibu has always been committed to quality and over the past few years we have taken that commitment to quality and ingrained it into the fabric of our culture by putting consistent processes and disciplines in place.
When you walk through our plant today, we have Quality Management System information stations throughout our facility that allows our boat builders to electronically access quality information, work instructions and measurement data for immediate use in building your boat the right way, with quality.

Although we build a customized, hand-built boat for every customer, our commitment to quality is designed to reduce any deviations from different people building your boat. Malibu is committed to manufacturing and delivering the highest quality boat in the towboat segment. Our commitment to quality includes producing high quality products, on time, and at the lowest cost for our dealers and retail customers. It is Malibu’s Quality Policy to always be




Malibu’s Quality Management System identifies the following primary quality objectives and commits us to a process that assures success in the achievement of each of them:

  • Our goal is to build boats in each workstation with the same quality and care as if it were being built for our own family.
  • We continuously strive to drive quality thinking, systems and processes, focus on continuous improvement, communicate our quality objectives, and provide training to our associates; all to build the best boat we can.
  • Our desire is to have quality permeate our Company; not just build quality into our product, but also provide a quality work environment for employees who are dedicated to making Malibu better every day.

Continuous Improvement

Our quality commitment is based on continuous improvement, with you, the customer, in mind from the beginning through the end of our boat building process. The illustration below is prominently displayed in our plant and every new associate at Malibu is educated on our quality approach until it becomes second nature.


Every person at Malibu is responsible for quality and everyone is empowered to stop the process if quality is not being built into the boat.

Quality by Malibu Boats

Supplier Quality

Another critical aspect to our quality is the quality product we receive from our supplier partners. Not only are we internally focused on quality, but our suppliers are required to deliver the best quality parts that can be produced. Each quarter, our suppliers receive a Quality Scorecard that documents their ability to provide Malibu and our customers, with the highest possible quality in every part.

Quality in the Construction

Malibu has a team of the most experienced boat builders in the world driving improvement daily. These talented, dedicated employees construct each boat as if it were their own. We promote factory tours and our build-a-boat program, where customers can visit and check out their boat being assembled in our factory in Loudon, Tennessee.


With our disciplined mold maintenance program, each mold is assigned a number so it can be tracked. Every part is logged and the mold is pulled out of production every few boats to have its surface refreshed. This is to ensure a high-gloss finish. All tooling is built to Malibu specifications for ultimate durability and before we ever take delivery it is inspected twice during the tooling build process.


Unique gelcoat schemes are offered to every Malibu customer that allow you to use your imagination to build the boat of your dreams. We pride ourselves on delivering a personalized, customized product of quality and beauty. We have one of the most experienced gelcoat and lamination teams in the industry as well as new, state-of-the-art gelcoat rooms with world class ventilation systems. This allows Malibu to deliver the cleanest, sharpest gelcoat surface in our marketplace.

We have combined two processes to allow us to spray metallics in areas that other brands will not attempt to spray. It also gives us a deeper choice of colors we can spray. Our team is always looking for ways to offer our customer something unique.


Malibu uses an all-composite construction method. The boat is made from high-grade resins and multiple layers of fiberglass that are hand laid by our experienced workforce to ensure thickness in critical areas. Each model is engineered to have support reinforcement and specialized material in critical areas. Some have criticized Malibu for the layers of woven fiberglass that we have historically used, saying “it is overkill” or “there is no need to do that”. Malibu’s view is that there is no substitute for hull strength and this is one area we choose to maximize to the fullest extent…it’s a matter of quality.

Deck to Hull

Malibu’s deck and hull are chemically bonded before mechanical fasteners are added. This improves strength, reduces vibration and eliminates water entering between the joints. Most companies only screw the deck and hull together. This process proves our commitment to building a boat that will last for decades.


Known as the “backbone” of a boat’s hull, we build our stringers in-house to ensure quality. Molded to fit each hull perfectly, our stringers are also chemically bonded and glassed to the bottom of the hull.


Every section of Malibu’s interior seating is built in house. We start by cutting the vinyl substrates with a CNC machine to control the variances in fit. We then sew and cover each part and install it in the boat by hand.

Malibu was one of the first boat companies to hand wrap the soft touch vinyl dashes and side panels and to this day, no one does it better. That is a credit to our fine craftsmen. This has always been something that differentiates us from other boats. We offer many color combinations in vinyl and thread color.


Malibu has multiple quality checkpoints in the Quality Management System process where data is recorded electronically and reviewed daily to drive corrective action and control our processes. Work instructions exist for immediate access electronically on the floor and control plans are in place to perform each process correctly.

We also believe in rewarding our associates for what is important, for quality. Every plant associate participates in an incentive system that rewards them with bonuses for meeting our defined quality metrics. Malibu believes the people most responsible for building a quality boat should receive a just reward for their commitment.