Why Malibu


The #1 Watersports Towboat in the World.


Styling isn’t something that we can expect to put into words in order to convince you that we understand. We simply have to put our knowledge of what you want into practice and deliver a boat that meets your expectations! From the sweeping lines of the tower, to the careful attention in your upholstery, every aspect of a Malibu boat is thought through with a careful hand for style and appearance. But again, don’t let these words try and convince you, take a look for yourself and see if we’ve earned your confidence in styling and design. We also understand that much of the final appearance needs to depend on your own choices. It is this customizable aspect of our boats that let you know you’ve truly got a “one of a kind”. We offer the broadest range of products than any of our competition when you consider not only the diversity in our model lineup, but the choices within each model. Here are a few of the choices you have with some or all of our Malibu boats:

  • Floor type (carpeted or snap-out carpet)
  • Hull type (Wake or Diamond)
  • Gelcoat schemes
  • Gelcoat colors (solids and metalflakes)
  • Vinyl grain choices
  • Vinyl colors
  • Upholstery bead colors
  • Hand-wrapped dash colors
  • Tower colors
  • Tower speaker colors
  • Tower light colors
  • Mirror Bracket colors
  • Trailer colors (including Malibu-exclusive metalflake options)
  • Trailer wheel choices
  • Bimini top styles