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The Unsurpassed Alpha
LSV Series
Best-Selling Traditional Bows
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The luxury pickle-fork bow lineup
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All the performance and just the amenities you need
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The Unsurpassed Alphas, the flagship of the iconic Malibu brand, the M-Series.

LSV Series

The Luxury Sport V-hull, or LSV, series are the world's best-selling traditional bow towboats.

MXZ Series

MXZ stands for Maximized. This is the luxury pickle-fork bow lineup.

LX Series

All the performance and just the amenities you need.

Crossover & Ski Series

Waterski, wakesurf and wakeboard all day

The LSV Series

25 LSV / 23 LSV / 22 LSV

The series Malibu Boats was built on, the LSV offers sleek traditional bow styling with luxurious upholstery, a rock-solid wake and wave as well as next-level Malibu 2021 technology to pull it all together. The traditional bow shape cuts through the waves for a smooth, enjoyable ride. The LSV series is anchored by the legendary 23 LSV, the best-selling towboat of all time, and fills out the series with the compact 22 and the larger and luxurious 25. 

25 LSV

Hull Length: 25'

Max Capacity: 18 people

Approx. Dry Weight: 5,600 lbs

See the 25 LSV

23 LSV

Hull Length: 23'

Max Capacity: 15 people

Approx. Dry Weight: 5,200 lbs

See the 23 LSV

22 LSV

Hull Length: 21' 11"

Max Capacity: 14 people

Approx. Dry Weight: 4,900 lbs

See the 22 LSV


The 25 LSV

With room for 18 passengers, that extra size drives big wakes and waves that translate into an amazing time on the water - - - but don’t worry, the 25 LSV makes it easy to create wakes designed for beginners or waves that challenge the most seasoned wake sports pros.

The 23 LSV

For 2021, the iconic 23 LSV is new and better than ever with some significant changes all boaters will immediately appreciate. New design features like a transom walk-over, completely reconfigured interior, inspired billet accents, a custom-tuned Wet Sounds sound system, and double the hull graphic color options for more customization than ever before.

The 22 LSV

The most compact of the LSV family, the 2021 new 22 LSV shares all the same wake-making potential, comfort amenities and user-centric tech as its bigger brothers, but at just under 22 feet it’s more approachable for smaller families and first-time buyers.

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