Malibu Boats Wakesetter 24 MXZ

24 MXZ: Your Summer, Maximized

The Ultimate Pickle-Fork


MXZ stands for maximized space, luxury and performance—and the 24 MXZ delivers all of that and more. Famous for its perfect wakes and waves, sharp styling mixed with cutting-edge technology, and the most spacious bow in the Malibu line, the 24 MXZ is bold and maximized. With new innovations, a luxurious new interior and unbelievable performance behind the boat, the 24 MXZ is the ultimate pickle-fork.

Wakesetter 24 MXZ Features

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Maximized Pickle-Fork Bow

No need to leave anyone behind when you have the 24 MXZ. The spacious pickle-fork combined with a luxurious lounge allows you to fill the boat with 17 of your closest friends and family.

Wake Plus™ Hull

The 24 MXZ’s Wake Plus Hull creates the perfect wakes to maximize wakeboarding and wakesurfing. When combined with Malibu’s Integrated Surf Platform (ISP), the Wake Plus Hull easily creates surf waves that have to see to believe.

Tower Options

Opt for the award-winning Malibu Gx™ Tower that raises and lowers at the turn of a dial, or go with the standard Malibu G5 Tower (pictured here) that effortlessly stows gear, tows riders and easily folds low.

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24 MXZ Helm

An unbelievable driving experience. The captain will enjoy the Malibu Command Center™ designed with touch screens that make it easier than ever to find one-touch wakesurfing or wakeboarding settings. You don't need to worry about phone battery when you have wireless charging within reach either.

Malibu Stern Turn

The available Stern Turn allows the captain to activate a rear thruster from the throttle to turn the boat on a dime for easy water maneuvering and effortless docking capabilities.

Interior Layout

The 24 MXZ has a fresh interior layout featuring a starboard cooler locker for easy access to your favorite beverage as well as improved general storage with plenty of room for gear.

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Wet Sounds Audio

Set the mood on the water with a fully tuned Wet Sounds stereo system with crisp highs and perfect bass. Choose up to 4 tower speakers in white or black.

Cool Touch Vinyl

Enjoy spending all day on the water? Malibu has introduced Cool Touch vinyl in select colors, making those long days on the water more enjoyable.

Malibu Wake View Bench Seat™

The Wake View seating provides extraordinary luxury and accessibility for all your passengers. The bench goes from forward-facing to rider-facing in a snap, with minimal effort.

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Flip Down Swim Step

Our patented Flip Down Swim Step makes both lounging on the back of the boat and reentry easy and enjoyable. For even more luxury and ease of use, Malibu owners can opt for the new Powered Swim Step, which deploys in and out of the water with push-button convenience from the stern.

Transom Walk-Through

The walk-through transom maximizes accessibility from the swim platform to the transom, helping keep your interior in pristine condition.

Malibu Monsoon Engines

Designed to be the most reliable, quietest and cleanest engines on the water, choose between the Malibu Monsoon M6Di™ and the Malibu Monsoon LT4 Supercharged engine powered by GM Marine for your 24 MXZ.

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The 24 MXZ Lifestyle

The 24 MXZ Lifestyle

Enjoy the lifestyle that only the 24 MXZ can provide—an ultimate day on the water where sharp styling meets cutting-edge technology.

24 MXZ Performance

24 MXZ Performance

The 24 MXZ Wake Plus Hull, Power Wedge III, Surf Gate and Quad-Hard Tank Ballast work together to bring you jaw-dropping performance for the ultimate day on water.

The 24 MXZ Walkthrough

The 24 MXZ Walkthrough

Join the Malibu crew and athletes as we take a deep dive into what makes the 24 MXZ such a fan-favorite.

Available Innovation - Stern Turn®

Available Innovation - Stern Turn®

Keep your hand on the throttle and with ease maneuver into a tight slip or around for quick rider pick-up.

Industry-Leading Innovations

Gx Tower Mister, Powered Swim Step, Extended Awning and more!
Gx Tower Misters

Gx Tower Misters

Option to the next level with award-winning Gx Tower Misters to cool off your crew during those long summer days.

Command Center with Wireless Charging

Command Center with Wireless Charging

The mOS (Malibu Operating System) was specially designed to put the driver’s information in the optimal location with easy-to-read graphics. Featuring a 30% higher resolution screen with deeper color depth, the 12” touch screen has never looked better. Tactile controls back up the touch screen so the driver can make quick adjustments without taking their eyes off the water.

Extended Awning

Extended Awning

Now everyone has it made in the shade. When you opt for Malibu's Extended Awning, you get an even more relaxing, luxurious day on the water. This easy to set-up awning attaches to the bimini to allow even more shade for your entire crew, keeping everyone cool.

New Powered Swim Step™

New Powered Swim Step™

For 2022, we took the fan-favorite Flip Down Swim Step and brought it to the next level. For even more luxury and ease of use, M240 boaters can opt for the new Powered Swim Step, which deploys in and out of the water with push-button convenience from the stern.

Upgraded Docking and Transom Camera

Upgraded Docking and Transom Camera

For 2022, we upgraded the docking and transom cameras. With improved resolution, you can record videos and photos from the camera and save to your phone.

Stern Turn™

Stern Turn™

Keep your hand on the throttle and maneuver with ease in a tight slip or around for quick rider pick ups. The Stern Turn's thruster's electric motor is water cooled for longer continuous use, and it doesn't compromise storage space thanks to the fully-integrated design that doesn't require additional batteries.

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Malibu 24 MXZ Bow
Malibu 24 MXZ Helm
Malibu 24 MXZ interior layout
Malibu 24 MXZ interior
Malibu 24 MXZ Mulit-View Bench Seat
Malibu 24 MXZ Mulit-View Bench Seat
Malibu Boats 24 MXZ
Malibu 24 MXZ cruising
Malibu Boats 24 MXZ Bow
Malibu Boats 24 MXZ
Malibu Boats 24 MXZ
Malibu 24 MXZ
Malibu 24 MXZ wakesurfing
Malibu 24 MXZ wakeboarding
Wakesurfing behind the 24 MXZ
Wakeboaring behind the Malibu 24 MXZ
Malibu Boats 24 MXZ Wakesurfing
Malibu 24 MXZ wakeboarding

Customer Reviews

5.0 Stars out of 5 Reviews



Best decision

We are very happy with our Malibu. We test drove and instantly fell in love.

Rodney C.


Unbelievable Wave

Our new 24MXZ is just unreal. Its a beautiful boat, great performance and such a luxurious feel.



Malibu MXZ Surf Boat

A first class surf boat that can hold its own against any other. Best on the water.

Brandon H.


Great Experience

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had making a surf wave in no time.

Mike L.


We Love Our Malibu

First Malibu we've owned and we love it! Fit and finish is top-notch and performance is unreal.


Malibu Monsoon Engines

Designed, Built and Backed by Malibu

Years in development, Malibu is the only towboat manufacturer that designs, builds and backs our engines.

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Malibu Built Trailers


Malibu decided that customers buying the best boats on the market should be able to haul them with the best trailers. So we began making our own. We hired the best team of craftspeople in the business to custom-build trailers that matched our boats in engineering and quality.

Depth Alarm

As you back the trailer down the ramp on the way to load your boat, use the depth alarm to tell you when the bunks are at the perfect depth to load the boat. No need to yell to the person in the boat or play a guessing game. Load seamlessly every single time.

Electric over hydraulic brake

Option up your braking system to let you have full, adjustable controls of where you engage brakes on your car and trailer.

premium grade steel

Premium grade steel for all trailer frame parts.


All Malibu trailers get reverse lights as a standard feature.


Bunk carpet is custom cut and applied to bunks with our premium tuck and fold process for superior lasting quality.


Choose from numerous options, including two-tone paint, high-end Rockstar wheels, stainless steel fenders, runway lighting and more.


14” standard or 18” upgradable with color matching to your boat. Malibu's own XD Series option are light-weight, strong, and race-tested.

rear straps

Retractable ratcheting straps on the rear for safe long distance towing.

Custom Colors

Customize your fenders and trailer body colors. Optional EliteShield is new for a weather resistant protection against abrasion, corrosion and impacts.

Malibu Soft grip flooring

Malibu Soft Grip flooring with laser engraved logos. Durable and shock absorbent, Soft Grip offers an exceptional traction surface. Plated stainless steel diamond plate is an optional upgrade.

triple axle

The largest trailer available, our triple axle trailers are available for boats 23' and up. Triple axle trailers offer a smoother ride and less bounce.

Custom colors

Customize your fenders and trailer body colors. Optional EliteShield is new for a weather resistant protection against abrasion, corrosion and impacts.

Rear transom steps

Transom steps offer easy access to the rear of your boat. Covered in Malibu Soft Grip flooring or optional steel diamond plate.

custom backlit logos

The backlit Malibu logos on each side offer that extra added detail you expect from Malibu.


18" wheels are standard with color matching available to your boat. Malibu's own XD Series option are light-weight, strong, and race-tested.

Rest Assured, You're Covered

Malibu's Warranty

Malibu’s warranty is Full Factory Covered for all 5 years

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