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The Unsurpassed Alpha
LSV Series
Best-Selling Traditional Bows
MXZ Series
The luxury pickle-fork bow lineup
LX Series
All the performance and just the amenities you need.
Crossover & Ski Series
Waterski, wakesurf and wakeboard all day


The Unsurpassed Alphas, the flagship of the iconic Malibu brand, the M-Series.

LSV Series

The Luxury Sport V-hull, or LSV, series are the world's best-selling traditional bow towboats.

MXZ Series

MXZ stands for Maximized. This is the luxury pickle-fork bow lineup.

LX Series

All the performance and just the amenities you need.

Crossover & Ski Series

Water ski, wakesurf and wakeboard all day

  • Age 35
  • Residence Orlando, FL
  • Hometown Cloverdale, BC, Canada
  • Sponsors Malibu Boats, Ronix, Rockstar, Perfski, Duvin, Woodrose Sunglasses, MyPackage.
  • Number of years riding behind a Malibu About 13
  • Current boat Malibu M235
  • Boat speed 23 mph even
  • line length 77.5 ft.
  • Stance One in both and 12 degrees
  • Power Wedge setting 2nd click down out of lift
  • Best career moment Mastering the deep water start.
  • Favorite trick Off-axis Indy bs 180 hs or ts are both fun.
  • An ideal day in your Malibu consists of Rides with the boys in the morning and wakesurfing with the crew in the evening to end the day.
  • Fun fact that most people do not know about you I'm Canadian
  • Tell us about your plans for this coming year Traveling the globe competing, coaching, demoing, judging.
  • Hobbies Cycling, fishing, hockey, golf
  • Instagram username chadsharpe
  • Twitter username chadesharpe
  • Link to latest web video


Chad Sharpe Wake Surfing
Chad Sharpe Wakeboarding
Chad Sharpe Wakeboarding 2
Chad Sharpe Wakesurfing

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