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  • Age 36
  • Residence Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • Hometown Santa Rosa Beach, FL ; Born in Atlanta, GA
  • Number of years riding behind a Malibu 10
  • Current boat Malibu TXi Response
  • Boat Speed 34 mph for Slalom, 33.6 mph for Jumps, 18.5 mph Toes, 18.9 mph Hands
  • Line length 41' off
  • Favorite Trick Front Flip (On trick ski) Not on my jumpers or slalom skis!
  • Favorite place to ski Santa Rosa Beach, FL at Pickos World Ski Center
  • Favorite Food Mexican Food and Cheese Dip!
  • Which Skier Inspires your Inspires you My parents would take my sister, Renee, and I to pro events to watch the professional skiers. At that time I was inspired to be the best water skier in the world from the likes of Carl Roberge, Sammy and Camille Duvall, Susie Graham, Kristi Overton and more. Kim Laskoff, inspired me on and off the water. She was a pro water skier and continued as a pro skier while getting her degree in law and becoming a prominent lawyer.
  • Best Career Moment Breaking the World Slalom Record for the first time at 1.25 @ 41 off behind the Malibu Response. For years when I was slalom skiing that record seemed unreachable. I desired to break it, I trained hard for it, but everyone would always say that record probably will stand forever, people may tie it but physics probably won’t allow a women to turn 1 ball at 41 off. That was why the record stood for over 11 years before I broke it!
  • An ideal day in your Malibu consists of I love hanging out at the lake with my dogs Champ and Rita and watching them ride in the boat
  • Personal statement I strive each year to push myself as hard as I can. I aspire to be the first woman to run 41 off in a tournament and push the record even further
  • Hobbies Surfing, paddle boarding, beach life, spending time with my dogs Champ and Margarita on the lake!
  • Career Achievements Current World Slalom Champion, Current World Overall Champion, 4 X World Slalom Champion, 5 X World Overall Champion, 1 X World Trick Champion
  • Sponsors Malibu Boats, Goode Waterskis, Masterline, Eagle Wetsuits, Garden of Life, Say I Wont, Performance Ski and Surf, Wileys Watersports, Emerald Coast Compounding Pharmacy
  • Instagram username @regina_jaquess
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