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The Unsurpassed Alpha, the flagship of the iconic Malibu brand, the M240.

LSV Series

The Luxury Sport V-hull, or LSV, series are the world's best-selling traditional bow towboats.

MXZ Series

MXZ stands for Maximized. This is the luxury pickle-fork bow lineup.

LX Series

The VLX and MLX are the entry point in the Wakesetter series with all the Malibu performance and amenities in traditional and pickle-fork bow options.

Crossover & Ski

The Response TXi is the tournament approved waterski boat while the VTX tows the line between between wakesurfing, wakeboarding and slalom waterskiing.

Only Malibu Boats

Malibu Boats Innovations

In 2012 when Malibu introduced the revolutionary and industry changing Surf Gate™ it was just the beginning of an evolution in design, engineering and innovation. Malibu’s engineering team continued to integrate our surf system into multiple facets of boat design over years to come to create a surf experience like no other.

Surf gate

With the other components of Malibu’s Integrated Surf Platform, Surf Gate creates the most dynamic playground for wake surfing possible. Period. Malibu’s ISP allows hundreds of customization options. No competitor comes close to offering that adjustability range.

Power Wedge III

The Power Wedge III makes your wakes and waves bigger by pulling down the back of the boat and saves gas by automatically getting you on plane faster. It now has five more degrees of lift for more usable positions and an improved exhaust pipe so it’s more effective and it looks better than ever. Our innovations are always evolving.

Quad Hard-Tank Ballast

Up to 5,000 lbs. across the wake setter line, our model specific quad hard tank ballast offers you the ability to set the size and shape of your ideal wake with incredible ease.

Command Center

Directly ahead of the wheel, the bright, high-resolution 12-inch MaliView touchscreen gives you finger-tap control of the ballast, Power Wedge III, Surf Gate, and navigation, with fast, easy access to customizable rider presets, media controls and a variety of gauge displays.

Power at your fingertips

EXPLORE the command center

The Command Center Makes Controlling Easy

Everything Right at your Fingertips

Our hi-res 12-inch touchscreen gives you touch control of the ballast, Power Wedge III and Surf Gate. The Sport Dash control dial for Surf Gate, Power Wedge III, stereo and speed makes our Command Center the smartest combination of digital interfaces and controls in the industry.

Control ISP from the Command Center

"The Malibu Integrated Surf Platform (ISP) creates the ultimate watersports experience, and the Command Center makes controlling it easy. It’s the smartest combination of digital interfaces and traditional controls in the category."

12" Maliview Touchscreen

"You’ll find every major feature on the home screen, accessed through easy-to-navigate menu paths. mOS is loaded with one-touch rider pre-sets such has Surf Left, Surf Right, Wakeboard Beginner, and Wakeboard Advanced,"

Sync Your Phone

"With Android technology, you can access your favorite apps (Spotify, Pandora, etc.) without having to pick up your phone on the water. Simply connect mOS to an available Wi-Fi Internet Network to download your favorite apps and save your favorite playlist right to the boat."

Surf Gate & Power Wedge III

"For surfing, set the Surf Gate to transform the wake into a wave. Customize wave size, shape and speed on the go, without taking your eyes off the water.Watch the boat kick up the perfect wake for getting the big air that riders of all levels love, from beginners to pros."

Wireless Charging

"The Command Center has you covered with a universal phone holder that you can option with wireless charging so that you never have to worry about your phone."

7" MTC Touchscreen

"Use the seven-inch MTC touchscreen to control the stereo and lights, access GPS maps and operate heater, bilge and blower systems. Malibu’s mOS gives you more customization than ever before with multiple languages you can select and different accent colors to trick out your screen."

Malibu Gx Tower™

Built by Malibu, the all-new Malibu Gx tower introduces an industry standard for innovation and quality. Turn the dial to raise or lower the tower in 9 seconds, half the time it takes for the competition.



Malibu Gx Tower

Built by Malibu, the all-new Malibu Gx tower introduces an industry standard for innovation and quality. Turn the dial to raise or lower the tower in 9 seconds, half the time it takes for the competition.

Optional Hoop and Base Colors

Malibu gives you options, with 30 possible color combinations, match the Gx tower to your boat perfectly.

All-New P.T.M. Malibu Branded Clamping Spinner Board Racks

These aerospace-grade anodized-aluminum swivel racks are corrosion-resistant and ratchet down with the slightest tug on a single lever, now securing any size board.

10" Wet Sounds Speakers

Wet Sounds Rev 10's are digitally tuned with different audio zones. Nothing but the best from Malibu and Wet Sounds.

50% faster than the competition

Turn the switch to raise and lower the tower in 9 seconds.

Power Tested

The Malibu Gx Tower has undergone over 3,500 cycles to surpass any competitor standards.

All-New G5 Tower

The G5 introduces a new latch design, new LED tower and anchor lights and optional side pull points for surfing. Our aerospace-grade anodized aluminum swivel board racks are corrosion-resistant and ratchet down with the slightest tug on a single lever, securing any board.

Tower Lights

The new G5 Tower features a 360 degree tower light on the top of the tower to light up a wide area of the bow, stern and serve as flashing indicators for Surf Gate transfer timing.

Standard Spinning Bungee Racks

Grey anodized-aluminum board racks allow for easy wake and surfboard storage. P.T.M. Clamping Spinner board racks also available as an option.

Latching Fold System with Gas Assisted Shocks

Once you release the latch, the gas-assisted shocks allow the tower to be lowered or raised by anyone for a new weightless folding experience.

Side Pull Points

This option helps beginner wakesurfers to get outside of the wake more easily.

The industry's Only In-House Manufactured Tower

The G5 tower offers outstanding value and performance without sacrificing renowned Malibu quality.

G-Force Wet Sounds Speakers

Wet Sounds Rev 8, Rev 10 and Icon 8 tower speakers feature a Malibu-designed G-Force enclosures with waterproof connectors that deliver clean, detailed sound.

The Malibu Difference

At Malibu, we do things differently than other boat makers, and it shows in our quality. Ritchie Anderson, our Chief Operationing Officer, gives you the inside story. It’s no secret that Malibu builds the highest-quality boats in the watersports category.

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