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Malibu Boats has partnered with Amazon Web Services to deliver cutting-edge technology both internally and externally. According to Amazon, Amazon Web Services or AWS is “a subsidiary of that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments,” according to Amazon. Through this partnership, Malibu is revolutionizing our business by using the Serverless application. Serverless is the backbone of the cloud systems that lets a company become more innovative and agile by giving AWS more operational responsibilities.

As a company, we are now using fully scalable API (Application Program Interface) endpoints to collect data on the production of our boats and run analytics. This allows us to become more effective when checking our quality within our production line. In short, this shows us how to maximize our quality and ensure that our hand-crafted boats always meet the Malibu Boats standard.

AWS also provides us the opportunity to use lambdas to appropriately monitor and manage our website architecture. Amazon Lambda is essentially letting us run code and manage our website and the quality of our servers in a more effective way rather than having to go through managing servers. It is more streamlined and lets us give our audience real-time updates and information on our website.

As the world’s largest towboat manufacturer, it is very important that Malibu has a smart tracking system for inventory and how we are performing. Through our partnership with AWS, we can now more accurately monitor our quality controls. Having lean inventory matched with continuous quality assurance is essential for the best business practice.

Our partnership with Amazon and AWS has allowed Malibu to truly stay ahead and be the leading manufacturer in the industry.