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Boating offers you a lifestyle like no other. Whether you’re learning to wakesurf, waterski or just swim, Malibu Boats knows it’s as much about the connection as it is about the actual activity. Here are five ways you can ensure a great time on the water full of memories that will last a lifetime.

1. Engage

Creating memories is all about being engaged, and engagement is all about being present. Engage your crew while boating in a variety of different ways. Let one person set the mood by picking the playlist. Don’t forget that even the best boat driver appreciates a good spotter especially while someone is wakeboarding or wakesurfing. Another person can be in charge of ropes so that when the rider falls and is ready for their next set, he or she is ready to toss the rope out to the rider. Filming and photography shouldn’t be taken lightly either. You certainly want to make sure to capture someone’s first time wakesurfing without the rope or their first time landing a new wakeboard trick. Designating roles can go a very long way in helping your crew be present and ensure that everyone has lasting memories.

2. Set Your Boat Up for Success

Your Malibu is rooted in versatility and designed for watersports at all skill levels, so everyone from complete beginners to seasoned professionals can have a blast. For example, if you’re teaching a first-timer to wakeboard, you can drain all the ballast and put the Power Wedge™ III into Lift Mode, which gives you a clean, perfectly shaped wake without the mass that can be intimidating for beginners. For wakesurfing, attach the towrope to the surf hooks so the surfer can easily stay out of the prop wash, and mellow out the wave with Power Wedge III until they get a feel for the ocean-like push a Malibu wave has to offer. Simply press Surf Left or Surf Right and your Surf Gate™ will get you set up for shredding. To learn more, your local dealer can fill you in on all the ways a Malibu can adapt to the level of the rider.

3. Lessons

If your kids are into watersports, lessons are some of the best money you can spend. At a certain age, kids get bored quickly if they don’t progress, so lessons from a good instructor can help get them past a plateau to a new level. With that next level you’ll see a hunger to get out on the boat and learn new tricks, and when they look up at you and smile when they land their first 360, you’ll know you’re creating memories they’ll never forget. We recommend checking with your local dealer for resources such as lessons from pro athletes or even affiliate schools like Freedom Wake Park, Kirby School of Wake, and AF Wake

4. Rehydrate & Refuel

It may not sound like a big deal, but if your family feels like they’re stuck on the boat without drinks and snacks, they’re not going to be happy boaters. Watersports are great exercise, which means you need to rehydrate and refuel for the next session. Malibu makes this easy with plenty of dry storage for snacks as well as wet storage for iced-down drinks and cup holders peppered throughout the lounge and bow. For the ultimate on-water dining experience, opt for the Malibu Multi View Wake Bench to turn your bench seat into a dinner table in seconds.

5. Don’t Force It

Like most things, making memories on the water with your family shouldn’t be forced. If it’s right it’s right, and if it’s too cold or your kids just aren’t into it for some reason, the worst thing you can do is push them too hard. Instead, use games and incentives to encourage them to get out on the water and have some fun. Snacks and “I bet you can’t…” scenarios usually work well. It can be really fun for kids to see their parents try (and fail) at something too.

If you’d like to learn more about the best-selling and most family-friendly watersports boats, contact your local Malibu dealer.

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