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This is your summer to take your wakesurfing skills to the next level. Have you ever wondered how to land your wakesurf 360? Have you tried but just haven’t had any luck? Malibu Boats Pro Wakesurfer, Stacia Bank is here to give you the step by step run down so that you can be spinning in circles on that wave all summer long.

Step 1: Prepare

Start at the back of the wave and then begin to load your front foot to get some speed towards the back of the boat.

Step 2: Spin

Allow your wakesurf board to drift halfway up the wave and plant your back hand in the wave to initiate the spin.

Step 3: Engage your upper body

Look over your shoulder, keeping your head and chest up.

Step 4: Stay Steady

As you come around, be sure to look at the back of your Malibu boat to spot your landing.

Step 5: Have Fun

Hope your friends got the video of your first 360!

How To

Land Your Wakesurf 360

Let the Wakesurfing Pro, Stacia Bank, break it down for you!

Now it’s time to get out on the water and land your first 360. Be sure to film it and tag @Malibuboats on social so that we can give you a shoutout!


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