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Loudon, TN | September 14, 2017 – The 20 VTX from Malibu Boats, Inc. (MBUU), is the industry category leader for crossover towboats. With its ability to pull waterskiers, wavesurfers and wakeboarders equally well, seating for up to 11 and the ease with which it trailers and stores in most garages, it works for the entire family.

Malibu, which ranks number one globally in watersports towboats sales, drew upon nearly four decades of experience to load the 2018 20 VTX with the full spectrum of its wake and wave customization capabilities. It is three-event certified for tournament skiing and is the only crossover in its class with a center-pull ski pylon.

Like all Malibu boats, the 20 VTX is meticulously handcrafted at the company’s headquarters in Loudon, Tenn., and features unsurpassed American engineering. In Australia, Malibu Boats are manufactured in North Albury, New South Wales with the same legendary quality and impeccable attention to detail.

The traditional bow 20 VTX became the #1 crossover in its segment by delivering optimum wakeboard wakes, surf waves and world-class slalom flats while catering to all rider skill levels.

Malibu’s T-Cut Diamond Multisport Hull—backed by a lifetime warranty—is the foundation for the 20 VTX’s unparalleled versatility, creating highly agile handling and precision tracking.

Of course, the 20 VTX is loaded with Malibu’s famed luxury and technology innovations, such as plush, hand-sewn seating, walkthrough design, soft grip flooring, the Viper II Command Center with 12-inch touchscreen, Zero Off GPS system and the popular G3.5 Tower.



The 2018 20 VTX creates watersports thrills for everyone on board, whether they enjoy wakeboarding, surfing or skiing.

Eric Bondy//V.P. of Sales and Marketing for Malibu Boats

Malibu Innovations for Wakeboarding, Surfing and Waterskiing

The optional Integrated Surf Platform™ enables the customer to easily customize the size, length and shape of wakes and surf waves for every rider. I.S.P. is a comprehensive system of patented technologies that includes the groundbreaking Power Wedge II™, Surf Gate™ and Surf Band™.

Power Wedge II augments the standard Hard Tank Ballast System by adding up to 1,500 pounds of additional simulated wake and wave-creating capabilities at the touch of a button, while Surf Gate shapes huge, rideable waves on either side of the boat.

With the Surf Band wrist remote, riders can manage wake and surf settings, boat speed and even tower speaker volume—right from the water. Meanwhile, the driver can control I.S.P. settings via the Viper II Command Center digital touchscreen interface.

“The 2018 20 VTX creates watersports thrills for everyone on board, whether they enjoy wakeboarding, surfing or skiing,” said Eric Bondy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Malibu Boats. “With our proprietary hull design and I.S.P. engineering, the 20 VTX is multisport towboat that does it all well.”

The 2018 Malibu 20 VTX is available now at all authorized Malibu dealers.