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Loudon, TN | January 5, 2018 -- Malibu Boats, Inc. (MBUU), has unveiled its spacious new 21 MLX watersports towboat, packed with best-in-class quality, performance, luxury and value for just $82,995.

The global leader in watersports towboat sales, Malibu has factories in Loudon, Tenn., and North Albury, New South Wales, Australia. Each Malibu boat features cutting-edge engineering, meticulous craftsmanship, impeccable quality and an industry-best Full Factory Five-Year Warranty on the powertrain, components, interiors, upholstery and trailers. Malibu is renowned worldwide for its innovative wake and wave-making technologies, designed to deliver an unequaled rider experience for family and friends.

The new 21 MLX seats up to 14 and features a roomy pickle-fork bow for up-front lounging. An incredible Malibu value, the 21 MLX includes the revolutionary Integrated Surf Platform.

I.S.P.™ incorporates an array of patented innovations, such as Surf Gate, Power Wedge II, Surf Band, Wake Plus Hull, Hard Tank Ballast System and the Viper II Command Center with 12-inch touchscreen.

Together, these proprietary features give customers unmatched wake and surf wave creation and customization capabilities, ensuring that the on-water experience for wakesurfers and wakeboarders is tailored to the ability of every rider.

Each Malibu 21 MLX has plush, hand-sewn upholstery, premium carpeting and luxury appointments. Designed with the customer in mind, cabin features abundant storage that is both deep and accessible, ensuring that gear and equipment are out of the way.

Foot-for-foot, the 21 MLX’s ergonomic cockpit is deeper, wider and more spacious than any other competitor in the 21-foot class. For the same room in a competitor’s boat, customers would need to purchase the next size up. Similarly, the helm seat is deeper at the leg, back and posterior angles, and the seat is firmly affixed to four-point base mount for added stability.

The Viper II Command Center offers fingertip control on the crystal-clear 12-inch or 7-inch touchscreen controls, with an intuitive menu that is simple to navigate. Control all ballast and surf settings with the tap of a finger, manage the MultiZone Audio speaker volume or engage the Go Home button to drain all ballast, disengage Surf Gate, stow Power Wedge II and deactivate cruise control.

The 21 MLX also comes standard with the G3.5 tower with speakers and board racks, bimini top, canvas cover and custom matching trailer. It’s powered by a 6.2L Monsoon engine with 410 Foot-pounds of Torque.

Malibu trailers are specifically engineered to accommodate the clearance, size and weight of each boat for ideal performance, handling and weight distribution. Every trailer is handcrafted by Malibu with the highest quality materials and leading-edge manufacturing processes, built with premium industry-standard steel for all frame parts and clean, consistent welds.



Integrated Surf Platform Comes Standard

Standard on the 21 MLX, Malibu’s state-of-the-art Integrated Surf Platform includes Power Wedge II, Surf Gate and Surf Band. I.S.P. wake enhancement technologies enable customers to easily modify the size, length and shape of wakes and surf waves to accommodate riders of every skill level, from beginner to advanced.

The Power Wedge II hydrofoil augments the 21 MLX’s internal Hard Tank Ballast System by adding up to 1,500 additional pounds of simulated wake and wave-creating capabilities with the tap of a finger, while Surf Gate shapes the wake into a clean, surfable wave on either side of the boat. And with the Surf Band wrist remote, riders can control wake and surf settings, boat speed and tower speaker volume, right from the water.

Meanwhile, the deep Wake Plus Hull delivers a stable, sway-free ride, with precision tracking agile handling. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the Wake Plus Hull is engineered to generate a large, clean wake for maximum on-water fun.

“The 21 MLX is packed with standard features such as I.S.P., bimini, cover and custom trailer for best-in-class value and performance,” said Eric Bondy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Malibu Boats. “With the roomy pickle-fork bow, it offers plenty of space for family and friends, and at 21 feet, it is easy to launch, trailer and tow.”

See the all-new 21 MLX at your local Malibu dealer today.


All-New 2018 Malibu 21 MLX
All-New 2018 Malibu 21 MLX
All-New 2018 Malibu 21 MLX
All-New 2018 Malibu 21 MLX
All-New 2018 Malibu 21 MLX
All-New 2018 Malibu 21 MLX
All-New 2018 Malibu 21 MLX
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“The 21 MLX is packed with standard features such as I.S.P., bimini, cover and custom trailer for best-in-class value and performance.”

Eric Bondy//Malibu Boats Vice President of Sales & Marketing