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Malibu Boats, Inc. is honored to have our CEO, Jack Springer, featured in CEO Magazine’s May Issue. As Jack explains in his full interview with the magazine, his vision for Malibu Boats goes beyond boating; “he wants to bring families together in the digital age.” What makes Malibu Boats so special is that it is more than a luxury product. It is a true lifestyle that is rooted in fostering quality time with your friends and family.

“Boating, or activities around boats like wakeboarding, fishing or surfing, give families time to enjoy each other. It is something we take pride in and motivation from.”

Jack Springer//CEO of Malibu Boats, Inc.

The team at CEO Magazine was able to spend time at the Malibu Boats Global Headquarters in Loudon, TN to learn more about the process of producing a boat from the beginning concept to final production. CEO Magazine writes, “Jack believes in a different methodology for developing products. While some companies are sales or engineering-driven, Malibu set up a product team in which every functional area has a seat at the table.” With this methodology at the forefront, Jack Springer has truly lead Malibu Boats on a path of success and will continue to operate the company in industry-leading ways. We are honored to have a leader like Jack Springer who not only cares for the company, but deeply values every single person within it.

To read the full interview with CEO Magazine, please click here.

Photo above by CEO Magazine.