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The Ultimate Triathlete

Loudon, TN | August 27, 2019 — Malibu Boats®, the global leader in towboat sales and the manufacturer of world-record-setting ski boats, announced today the launch of an all-new multi-sport boat to the 2020 lineup, the Malibu Wakesetter 20 VTX. The 20 VTX is the industry’s renowned, best-selling crossover boat of all time. VTX stands for versatility and the 20 VTX is a marine engineering marvel, designed for families that love to ski glass in the morning and make great wakes and waves for boarding and surfing in the afternoon – it is the Ultimate Triathlete.

“Our engineering team put in countless hours developing innovative hull designs that continue to make the 20 VTX the greatest cross-over boat in watersports history,” said CEO Jack Springer. “What makes this new boat unique is the ability to select the sport you prefer without compromising performance for the rest of your crew. At Malibu we are all about performance and the 20-foot VTX lets you customize your performance for the perfect on water experience.”


The Wakesetter 20 VTX

"Our engineering team put in countless hours developing innovative hull designs that continue to make the 20 VTX the greatest cross-over boat in watersports history...”

Jack Springer//CEO of Malibu Boats, Inc.

The 20 VTX takes the best of Malibu’s wake boats and adds features from our world record setting Response TXi ski boat to provide an unforgettable on-water experience regardless of which sport you choose. The 20 VTX is available with the TXi ski tower which, together with the center tow pylon, gives you the best V-drive ski experience available today. The TXi’s tower is swept forward at the mounts, which means your ski line passes unobstructed from side to side while you take on the course, something you won’t find in most other V-drives. If wake sports are your focus, the 20 VTX gives you the option to select Malibu’s exclusive G3 tower. The G3 tower is a proven performer on the water that looks great and has superior stability and functionality.

The 20 VTX is easy to tow, easy to trailer and easy to own. With a dry weight of only 3,500 pounds, the VTX can be towed with a small SUV and at only 20 feet in length, it fits in a standard garage and on size-restricted waterways. This compact footprint also means the 20 VTX is one of the most nimble and exciting boats on the water, making docking and lift-loading a breeze.

Despite the VTX’s compact footprint, it’s all Malibu on the water. That means big wake, surf and ski performance and luxury seating for 11 people. When it’s glassy calm and you’re looking for your slalom fix, the VTX’s tournament-approved Cut-Diamond Hull rides high on the water, making for soft, passable wakes. Gorilla fins keep a perfect line and the new Malibu-made Monsoon M5Di engine coupled with Zero Off GPS speed control deliver a consistent pull whether you’re free skiing or charging through the course.

When it’s time for board sports, fill the hard tank ballast and deploy Power Wedge® III, which pulls the back of the boat down to simulate 1,500 pounds of ballast, and you’re ready to go. For surfing, Malibu’s patented Surf Gate® delivers perfectly shaped, glassy waves for as long as you care to shred them. Adjust the wave on the fly with Malibu’s exclusive Surf Band®, which lets you adjust the wave while you’re surfing. Control Power Wedge III, the speed within 13 miles per hour, the music volume and even the surf side, allowing you to transfer from one side to the other without stopping the boat or communicating with the driver. When you want to transfer, the 20 VTX makes it easy with audible signaling that tells you exactly when the wave will switch, allowing you to nail transfers every time. Wakeboarding is just as effortless. With the touch of a button you can call up the perfectly shaped wakes you can only create on a Malibu.

Like all 2020 Malibu models, the 20 VTX is backed by a five-year, full factory warranty and is available now at all authorized Malibu dealers. Call your local dealer to get out on the water today or build your custom 20 VTX at

2020 Malibu 20 VTX


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