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We are excited to announce that legendary wakeboarder Adam Fields and his world renowned wake school, AF Wake, are partnering with Malibu Boats and Axis Wake Research dealer, Inland Boat Company. With a passion for watersports and having experience as a pro wakeboarder who holds World Championship titles, Adam Fields started AF Wake School in 2000 with the mission to expose more people to watersports and open up the sport to everyone. His success and passion for the industry has helped lead AF Wake to become the #1 wakeboard school in the Mid-Atlantic. Through the school, they have been able to work with kids as young as 3 and who have gone on to win pro titles. With the increase and accessibility of wakesurfing AF Wake has been there to expand with it teaching wakesurfing, tips, and tricks to all ages.

"A huge part of my passion is seeing families enjoy that comradery together on the boat and provide the opportunity for people to experience that."

Adam Fields//Founder of AF Wake School

The Malibu Boats, Inland Boat Company, and AF Wake partnership is very exciting because it means students of AF Wake will be able to work with the best coaches and experience wakeboarding and wakesurfing behind the top wake boats. Malibu could not be more excited to join with AF Wake and help bring boating and wakesports to more families around the world. For more information about AF Wake, attending events or camps, or enrolling in lessons, please go to www.afwake.com.

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