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It’s critical that an inboard towboat has an engine that is reliable, quieter, and cleaner with better fuel economy—all while delivering the torque you need for watersports. California's mission to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases means it has the strictest emissions standards which have been adopted by other states in the U.S. and provinces in Canada. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is charged with implementing these standards. Malibu Monsoon engines are sold all over the world and investment in the technology to deliver the industry’s new standard in clean emissions means that they needed the highest CARB rating possible without compromise—and they do.

Clean engines help everyone, from the air wakesurfers breathe while riding to the water passengers swim in. Malibu’s Monsoon M5Di and M6Di engines are rated five-star “Ultra Clean” by CARB, which is the leading authority on emissions throughout the country. A five-star “Ultra Clean” rating may sound similar to the more common four-star “Super Ultra Low” rating, but the reality is that a five-star engine is at least 50 percent cleaner than the more common four-star engine. And what’s more, the Malibu Monsoon engines tested even cleaner than the five-star rating, making them 20 percent cleaner than the closest competitor.

Engines output more emissions as they get bigger, but even the Malibu Monsoon 6.2-liter LT4 leads its class as the only high-output supercharged towboat engine with four-star emissions. Direct injection technology allows for a cleaner, more precise fuel burn that allows Malibu to calibrate its engines to a level so low it’s never been seen in the towboat world, which is better for your lungs, better for your lake and better for the planet.

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