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Your engine can affect every aspect of your boating experience, so it’s critical to have an engine that is reliable, quieter, and cleaner with better fuel economy—all while delivering the torque you need for watersports. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about which brand is best, and while the numbers don’t lie, amateur testing can be misleading. That’s why Malibu Boats™ is using independent numbers captured by experts like the team at Boating Magazine and the California Air Resources Board to prove the new Malibu Monsoon engines truly are the best inboard engines in towed watersports today.

Fuel consumption is a hot topic, and the experts at Boating Magazine have been testing it on boats of all kinds for decades. That’s why we used their certified test results from the 2020 Boat Buyer’s Guide to prove the Malibu Monsoon M5Di is the most fuel-efficient engine in its class. These numbers are truly apples to apples, comparing the same model year, confirmed ballast amounts and disclosed props. Whereas other “tests” have used “estimated fuel burn,” which can be adjusted or calibrated to show inaccurate results, Boating Magazine plugs their test equipment directly into the engine with software that leaves no possibility of user error or interference. They go to these lengths to ensure these numbers are as accurate as it gets, and they are coming from an unbiased source so they truly are the bottom line.

Graph of average fuel use for Malibu boats

M5Di // M6Di

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