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Superior Value and Unsurpassed Engine Protection

The new genuine Malibu High Performance Full Synthetic 5W-30 Engine Oil is specifically designed for Malibu Monsoon M5Di and M6Di engines. We partnered with the leading private label lubricants manufacturer in North America to formulate the best engine oil for our boats and how they are used. With its superior protection and performance capabilities, it can also be used in any marine engine where a 5W-30 engine oil is recommended or specified.

Engine oil lubricates and protects moving parts to keep things running properly. With the variety of grades and viscosities available, choosing the right oil may seem confusing. So, we engineered genuine Malibu Full Synthetic 5W-30 Engine Oil to meet our strict requirements. Malibu Engine Oil has better wear protection by reducing friction during high engine torque and hard acceleration providing over 80% better protection than the latest API (American Petroleum Institute) requirements. It has reduced thermal breakdown that keeps the engine cleaner by fighting deposits, sludge and oil burn off caused by high temperatures. In addition, Malibu Engine Oil has excellent corrosion control with added protection for marine environments.

Why is Full Synthetic Oil superior?

Full Synthetic engine oil is far superior to Conventional and Synthetic Blend oils offered by other brands. Full Synthetic base oil molecules are more uniform in shape and contain fewer impurities. These characteristics give the finished oil better engine protection properties than conventional oils. Full Synthetic oils have better extreme high temperature performance and are formulated with superior quality additives to provide better engine protection, cleaner engines, reduce sludge, corrosion and oil burn off. In comparison, conventional engine oils are less durable over time and lack the latest technology in engine oil formulation.

In comparison, Conventional engine oils are less durable and lack the latest technology in the engine oil formulation. Conventional engine oil is recommended for simple engine designs and less severe operating conditions than generally found in boating.

A “Synthetic Blend” is a mixture of Full Synthetic and Conventional base oil. Neither API nor any other industry or regulatory entity requires a minimum amount of the higher-quality and higher cost Full Synthetic base oil in order to be called a Synthetic Blend. They also do not require manufacturers to divulge how much Full Synthetic base stock is in the blend. As a result, typically only a small percentage of the Full Synthetic base oil is used in the Synthetic Blend formulations.

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