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Malibu Boats is honored to be awarded by the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) for innovation on our most recent new product introduction, the Malibu M240, featuring our M-Line Hull with Surf Gate® Fusion.

Each year the WSIA recognizes industry leaders that have pushed the water sports market to new heights. According to the WSIA, “these honors are presented to the manufacturers who produced a new product having innovative distinction from other products currently manufactured in the towed water sports industry.” With all the technology that is being introduced every year, the water sports industry is very competitive so receiving this innovation award is a true honor. Malibu always puts the customer first and strives to bring them industry leading innovations matched with world-class performance, which is the foundation for the all-new Malibu M240.

“At Malibu, we continually push the standard for innovation, quality and performance. A huge thank you is deserved for the Malibu team members who work diligently to develop, test and produce innovations like the M240, exclusively featuring the M-Line Hull and Surf Gate Fusion. It would not be possible to bring our customers these technology advancements without their dedication and commitment to making the best boats on the water.”

Jack Springer//CEO of Malibu Boats, Inc.

The award-winning M-Line Hull with Surf Gate® Fusion is featured exclusively on the Malibu M240. From its introduction in September of 2019, the M240 has set the industry standard with the highest level of comfort, convenience, technology and wake performance. Surf Gate Fusion is the industry’s first wake-shaping technology that is integrated directly into the hull, generating more wave while using less energy. It allows for more water to flow smoother creating a bigger, cleaner wave than ever before. The M-Line Hull is the deepest hull in the entire Malibu line-up allowing the boat to glide through the water smoother. These two innovations tie in with the number of others featured in the M240 to create unsurpassed performance and unrivaled innovation on the water. Check out all the innovation that the M240 has the offer here.

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