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Malibu’s all-new Stern Turn is a revolutionary docking and maneuvering system. Built into Malibu’s throttle control, Stern Turn takes maneuverability to the next level with ultimate precision even in windy conditions or currents. This thruster rides out of the water when you’re on plane so you’ll never know it’s there until you need it. Simply press the button on the throttle and watch your 25-foot boat turn on a dime. Tricky docking, maneuvering and trailering situations have met their match.

Stern Turn is fully integrated into your Malibu Power Wedge III for a sleek component that both looks as good as it performs. When you use the two innovations in tandem, you can get back to your fallen wakesurfer or wakeboarder faster than ever, decreasing your pickup time by 30% and increasing your rider’s safety.

Malibu’s Stern Turn has an electric motor that is water cooled for longer continuous use than our competition. With the thruster fully integrated into the transom, it doesn’t compromise storage space or require extra batteries. It also operates completely independent from the steering wheel so you don’t have to take your hand off the throttle to use it. When you’re at slow speeds and idle, just hit the button on the throttle and your Malibu instantly pivots to the right or left.

Available on the Wakesetter LSV series, MXZ series, and the top-of-the-line M240 and M220, Stern Turn puts the captain in ultimate control, ready to take on any conditions. Contact your local dealer to get out on the water and see the all-new Stern Turn in action today.

Malibu’s Innovative 2020 Stern Turn

Stern Turn

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