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We could not be more excited to announce Malibu Boats athlete Massi Piffaretti has been crowned the 2019 Alliance Rider of the Year. The Rider of the Year is awarded to someone who shows progressive riding, tons of heart and plenty of love for the sport. This award is something that you cannot win at just a single event. It is fully encompassing as what you do on and off the water. From hosting clinics, demos like the Malibu Just Rider Tour, to his social media, Massi has become someone who will make you smile, make you laugh, and make you want to go wakeboard. This established award is one that has become very prestigious in the wake sports community, and we could not be prouder of Massi for all of his hard work over the past year.

“When I think of ROTY, I think of this crazy dominant force and a name you can’t get out of your head.”

Guenther Oka//Axis Wake Rider / 2018 ROTY

 Every year we see new riders and new tricks come to the table, and every year it becomes harder and harder to receive this esteemed title. Coming off the dreaded ACL injury, Massi kicked up his riding to bring the sport something it has never seen before. Legendary pro wakeboarder Parks Bonifay stated “It’s the way that Massi did tricks. Massi completely flipped the script and took tricks that have typically never been changed in any type of way, and he has looked at every trick and completely re-wrote the book on how you do it. If you really break down and look at the way Massi is doing some of these tricks, it’s technically like something you have never seen before, and every time I watch him ride, I’m still trying to wrap my head around how he did it. It’s very motivating and inspiring to then go ride.” Massi’s contagious personality and creative riding is exactly what scored him the 2019 Rider of the Year. Congratulations Massi!

Massi Piffaretti, Malibu Boats Athlete, 2019 Rider of the Year

2019 Rider of the Year

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