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Now that Winter has officially arrived and many of us have put away our boats for the season, it’s time to work off that thanksgiving weight and stay in watersports shape with a little off-season training. Luckily Stacia Bank, a Malibu Pro Wakesurfer and physical therapist, has some hands-on tips for how she keeps in prime wakesurf shape for spring.

As a busy mom of three, Stacia uses compound movements to squeeze a full workout into a quick session that works the whole body. She sets everything up in circuits, which incorporates cardio by moving her from one workout to the next without rest. Circuits include an explosive movement and strength component followed by a balance/core challenge.


Here’s the program:
· Three rounds of each circuit
· Each exercise for one minute
· One-minute rest between circuits
· Finish with an extra core workout followed by stretching

When doing explosive movements, it’s important to let your body warm up (especially in cold temperatures). Stacia always starts with a five-minute warm-up that typically consists of biking, jogging, or walking. Don’t skip this step because from here it’s straight into the circuit with full intensity. Remember that it is important to keep proper form with each of these exercises to prevent injuries.


Circuit One:

Box jump
· Simulates surf air
· Try to bring knees as high as possible
· Land softly into a squat on both the box and the ground
· Can use balance ball to add a degree of instability
· Box can be substituted for anything elevated and sturdy, like a step


Squat with curl
· Strength component
· Use balance ball to challenge stability
· Keep chest up and back straight
· Squat with weights and curl once you stand up 


Single-Leg Stance on Balance Ball with Shoulder Press
· Works balance and strength
· Keep your core tight and engaged
· Keep your chest up
· Try your best to keep your hips even
· Raise one knee at a 90-degree angle
· With an optional weight, start with one arm out and one elbow at shoulder height and press up to fully extended elbow
· Repeat with the other side


Circuit Two:

Squat 180 Jumps
· Explosive movement that simulates wakesurf air 180s
· Keep your head facing forward
· Squat low and use your arms to add power to your jump
· Land softly in a squat, absorbing the impact of the landing
· Repeat jumping the opposite direction


Single-Leg Deadlift
· Strengthens legs and core while challenging balance
· Hold weight in one hand
· Keep hips parallel and core tight
· Hinge forward and lift the leg opposite of the weight in hand
· Keep the leg on the ground slightly bent and the other leg straight
· Keep back straight
· Squeeze glute to hinge back up


Plank with a Row
· Important to work back to prep for the pulls out of the water
· Start in plank position with weight in each hand
· Keep hips low, back straight, and make sure your hands are stacked under your shoulders
· Engage abs by pulling bellybutton to spine
· Pull weight straight back


Extra Core:

Russian Twists
· Weight is optional
· Add balance ball for extra challenge
· Works obliques and lower abs
· Balance with feet and chest off the floor in a “V” position
· Try to move weight by twisting with your abdominals rather than moving with arms



Stacia always recommends a full-body stretch, but if that’s not in the cards then just do a hip flexor stretch. The hip flexors tighten while sitting so it’s very important to stretch them after spending time sitting in a boat.

Hip Flexor Stretch

· Get into a kneeling position with one leg forward and one leg back
· Tuck pelvis and push hips forward
· Try to reach arms up and back for core stretch as well


Are you sweating yet? We are. If this wakesurf workout is getting you excited to order your new custom Malibu, use the Boat Builder or visit your local dealer.

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