Changes to All 2023 Models

Colors and Customization

Watersports are all about family time and self-expression, and at Malibu we believe your boat is an extension of your personality. That’s why we have 11 unique models—ahem, excuse us, make that 12 unique models—to choose from. On top of that, 2023 is the most customizable year ever in terms of color and texture options when you build your new custom Malibu. We can’t tell you all the options, but know that there are more ways to make your new Malibu uniquely your own, including independent logo color choices and two all-new gelcoat/metallic flake colors. We can’t tell you what colors they are, but we will say that with one you’re going to “vividly” stand out on the water. There’s also a new option for two-toned Malibu Soft Grip so your flooring can’t stand out just as much as your vinyl and gelcoat.


One of the most important aspects of a great day on the water is a great soundtrack, and your favorite song deserves the best sound system available. For 2023, the entire sound system from amps to subs to speakers and the transom remote have all been upgraded for ease of use and better sound. 

Swim Step and Rudder Sensor

Can’t remember if the kids put the swim step back up? No problem, the swim step’s position can now be available right there on the dash through the Malibu Command Center. Same with rudder position. It can come in really handy for first-time drivers and veterans alike.


All-New Model for 2023

The Largest Malibu EVER

Remember when we said something big was coming? Well, it’s the biggest model Malibu has ever made. Tipping the scales with over 6,000 pounds of ballast and a dry weight of 7,000 pounds, this lake limo will blow your mind. As you would imagine, surfing is so good it’s off the charts. The interior is just as ground breaking with a new table design that’s so flexible you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Intrigued? You should be. This is a first for Malibu, and it’s an instant classic.

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All-New Model for 2023

All-New Midsize Malibu Model

We can’t tell you what it is, but a classic is getting a new look, feel—and well, it’s an entirely new model. With a deeper freeboard that makes this midsize model feel roomier and safer than ever before, it’s unquestionably a win. The sides have aggressive contours for a unique look that takes it well past traditional without sacrificing on the classic look and feel. Okay, we’ve already said too much.

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