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What does four decades of building the world’s best-performing and best-selling towboats look like? It looks like 40 years of continual innovation and pride of workmanship meshed with cutting-edge technology and sleek design. It’s as simple as that. At Malibu, we’ve been building a better boat than the day before, and we’ve been doing it every day since 1982 so you can spend more quality time with your friends and family on the water. As we celebrate this legendary milestone, let’s travel back in time to replay the record of innovation that makes Malibu Boats so special.Innovations

With new innovations hitting the market each year, there’s a lot to review. As recent ground-breakers, the Surf Gate (2012), Malibu Command Center (2015), and Surf Band (2016) still make up the backbone of Malibu’s watersports performance today, and have changed the industry forever.


In 2012, Malibu’s Surf Gate finally allowed for evenly weighted surfing, which was entirely unheard of at the time. This one Malibu innovation singlehandedly closed the door on the world of listed surfing, which required all the boat’s weight to be moved to one side to create a wave. The Surf Gate also allowed for transfers from side to side, which introduced a whole new world for wakesurfing. 


As Malibu’s watersports offerings got more and more advanced, there was a need to pull all the controls into one, revolutionary interface at the helm. Known today as the Malibu Command Center, this sleek and stylish digital dashboard hit the market in 2015, and took the helm to a whole new level.


In 2016, the Surf Band made it possible to adjust settings—including speed, Power Wedge III, Surf Gate, and tower speaker volume—while surfing. Never again would Malibu owners have to try to tell the driver how to customize their wave, because they could do it themselves with Malibu’s exclusive Surf Band.