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Loudon, TN | July 15, 2022 — For 2023, Malibu Boats™, the global leader in watersports towboat sales, is announcing one of its most exciting model years ever. The Malibu Wakesetter 26 LSV rounds out the top-end of the LSV family with a staggering length of 26’5”, and the all-new Malibu Wakesetter 22 LSV is a midsize wake boat with a savvy compromise between length and maneuverability that many families will love. And there are plenty of all-new customization options.

2023 Customization and Options

For exterior wow, the new boats have three striking new exterior colors on the list to choose from: Vivid Orange, Vivid Orange Metallic and Volt Yellow. This trio of bold new shades – alongside new two-toned soft-grip flooring options – give Malibu owners more ways to express their personal styles. Malibu also offers variety on how the “Malibu” and “Wakesetter” logos appear on the side of the boat.

And because a perfect day on the water can be as much about the sounds as the sights, Malibu is upgrading its sound system across the line. From amplifiers and subwoofers to speakers and transom remotes, it’s new and improved from the ground up.

Rounding out the new features is one for added control and convenience. Malibu now offers a rudder-position sensor that displays on the Command Center’s™ main screen to enable ease in docking, slow-speed maneuvering, and takeoffs with riders.

The All-New 22 LSV & 26 LSV

Find your Truth On the Water with the newest members of the Luxury Standard V-Drive family.

Malibu Wakesetter 26 LSV

The all-new 26 LSV measures in at 26.5 feet with a seating capacity of 18, making this Wakesetter the longest boat Malibu has ever built. With a dry weight of 7,000 pounds and an awe-inspiring 6,100 pounds of ballast and 115 gallons of fuel, this boat is about living large on the water.

The 26 LSV boasts luxury throughout its massive lounge and traditional bow. The lounge is packed with innovative features, including the all-new Max Pivot Table™ which smoothly changes between multiple positions including a bench seat, a bed, and a fully functioning table that doesn’t sacrifice the bench seating space.

And, of course, its wake performance is off the charts with legendary Malibu symmetrical wakes and waves that stand up in any condition. The wake shape can be controlled with Power Wedge III™, and the surf wave can be switched between left and right with Surf Gate™. Both can be controlled by the surfer with Malibu’s exclusive Surf Band™.

Presets in the Malibu Command Center™ allow for quick wake setup at different levels, and the ballast amounts are programmed from the factory to make a perfectly shaped wake or wave. Just select the sport and level, hit “load”, and the 26 LSV does the rest.

Malibu Wakesetter 22 LSV

The 22 LSV comes in slightly smaller than the best-selling towboat of all time, the Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV, which makes it an attractive option for families who want a similar wake experience in a more compact package.

At just under 22 feet, the nimble and capable 22 LSV is easy to manage while creating world-class wakes and waves. Thanks to Malibu’s innovations like Surf Gate™, Power Wedge III™ and the Wake Plus™ hull, the 22 LSV creates an astonishingly good wakeboard wake. The surf wave follows suit with the ability to switch from side-to-side with Surf Gate™.

The 22 LSV’s increased hull depth improves the wake experience and elevates passenger comfort with a smoother ride and more ergonomic seating.

All told, the Malibu 2023 lineup is loaded with fantastic new features that help boaters experience how “The Truth Is On The Water®.” To learn more about the new innovations from the best-selling towboat brand of all time, visit or contact a local dealer today.

All-New for 2023

The Malibu Wakesetter 26 LSV

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All-New for 2023

The Malibu 22 LSV

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