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Whether you’re a first-time boater or a veteran behind the wheel of your boat, Wake Responsibility is important to your safety and to others. Created by the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA), Wake Responsibly is a campaign focused on keeping lakes, reservoirs, rivers — and anywhere else you might drop in your Malibu — a safe, fun, and respectful body of water. To help protect our waterways and keep them safe for many more epic boating seasons, the Malibu team has pledged to partner with the WSIA to help educate homeowners and boaters about courteous behavior on the water.

Whether you boat on a small lake or in an ocean, your wake is YOUR responsibility. When your wake hits another boat, shoreline, or dock, you could be held accountable for damage made to your neighbor’s property. Always stay alert and mindful of the wakes and waves you create. If you’re not driving the boat, you can still help make an impact by staying observant of where your wake is going, how loud your music is playing, and how many passes your boat has made within the area you’re riding.

Malibu 21LX Wake Responsibly

Rule #1

Stay at least 200 feet away from shorelines & docks.

Allow your boat wakes to recede enough to minimize any adverse effects when they hit the shore.

Rule #2

Keep Your Music At A Reasonable Level

We know it's tempting to blast your music as loud as you can over your Wet Sound Speakers. But, it's important to be considerate of the time and your surroundings as homeowners around you might prefer calm and peace over your favorite summer tunes.

Malibu Boats TXi Wake Responsibly

Rule #3

Minimize Repetitive Passes

Repetitively driving back and forth in the same line can damage shores and docks. After a few passes, you'll have churned up the water anyways. Take a break, move to another location and return later. Your spot will still be there when you return.



Are you a responsible boater? Join us in the pledge to Wake Responsibly today.


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