Loudon, TN | July 20, 2023 — For 2024, Malibu Boats, Inc.™, the global leader in watersports towboat sales, is announcing the release of its all-new Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV and 23 MXZ.

Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV

The 23 LSV owes its market dominance to its unique combination of style, luxury, technology, and performance, all wrapped up in a perfectly sized 23-foot boat.

“The 23 LSV is the best-selling towboat of all time because it meets so many needs for so many people,” said CEO Jack Springer. “It’s an ideal size for many families and its functionality and performance are off the charts. It was never going to be easy to improve on such a popular model, but the team came together and created the best 23 LSV the world has ever seen.”

Malibu raised the bar to incredible levels with the new 23 LSV's eye-catching style. The iconic 23-foot traditional bow has reimagined contemporary body lines that, when paired with customizable gel coat and metal flake color options, create an eye-catching look. The new angular rub rail creates a striking sheer line that enhances the boat's sleek appearance both on and off the water.

Inside, the 23 LSV's versatile seating is on a different level for 2024. The famous traditional bow is outfitted with plush, ergonomic seating complete with Wet Sounds speakers, flip-down armrests, grab handles, chargers, and phone holders. The Natalie Seat™ upgrade provides a combination wind dam and seatback that greatly increases the functional seating capacity of the bow.

The tech- and luxury-forward lounge boasts multiple unique vinyl panel options with seat bolsters, angular stitching patterns, and flexible seating with multiple rear-facing options. Pop-up seat backs create an ideal setup to watch watersports action, and the addition of the innovative Max-Pivot Seat™ option in the 23 LSV allows users to convert quickly and easily from a traditional bench seat into rear-facing seating, picnic table-style seating, and even a sun bed. Storage for the entire crew is plentiful. Under nearly every seat bottom there is deep storage with easy access. Malibu soft grip marine-grade foam covers high-traffic areas for easy cleanup and heat dissipation on long summer afternoons. For 2024, wireless charging is also available in the cockpit and helm for long lake days.

The 23 LSV's helm is as functional as it is sleek, with a plush captains seat, dual high-visibility touch screens, a rotary watersports dial and keypad, push-button ignition, and a silky-smooth livorsL throttle. The center touch screen of the Malibu Command Center™ has all the primary driving and watersports functions in a simple, intuitive interface. Various watersports presets in the touch screen make for quick-starts into wakesurfing and wakeboarding, and with new fast-fill and fast-drain ballast, it's quicker than ever to go from one sport to the next. The auxiliary screen houses deeper functionality like available RGB lighting control in three separate zones, app-based music, seat heater, blower, bilge, and much more.

The G5 Tower is as sophisticated as the rest of the boat with color-matched tubing, gas-assist shocks for easy folding, space for up to four speakers for crisp audio even while riding, and available PTM ClampForce 3.0 Board Racks. 2024 23 LSV owners can also upgrade to the all-new G10+ Tower™ for features like electric fold and raise, tower misters to cool the lounge, and overhead lighting integrated with the RGB controller.

More innovations abound at the stern, with redesigned rear seats perfect for lounging at the cove, and the flip-down swim step for easy reboarding.

Building on the undeniable pedigree of previous 23 LSV performance, watersports on the 2024 23 LSV are pro-level, yet still scalable to absolute beginners. Wakes and waves are crisp, clean, and reliable even in challenging water conditions thanks to model-specific ballast placement and a proven running surface. Wakes and waves are also customizable with Power Wedge® III to be anything from gradual and forgiving for beginners to steep and aggressive for advanced riders. Waves can be customized from the Malibu Command Center™ or from the rider's wrist while they surf with Surf Band®. Malibu's revolutionary Surf Gate® produces a wave on either side of the boat at the touch of a button while keeping the boat evenly weighted, and can switch from side to side quickly enough to allow the surfer to transfer from one side to the other without stopping the boat.

Continuing with the theme of versatility, the all-new 23 LSV is available to order with the wakeboard- and surf-specific Wake Plus™ Hull, or the versatile Malibu Diamond Hull™ to get wakes and waves along with outstanding ski performance.

Previous owners and newcomers alike are sure to love the next-level style, performance, luxury, and technology features the all-new Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV possesses to commemorate its 23 years of market dominance.

The All-New 23 LSV

Find your Truth On the Water™ with the newest member of the Luxury Standard V-Drive family.

All-New for 2024

The Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV

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Malibu Wakesetter 23 MXZ

When it was first released in 2020, the 23 MXZ revolutionized the pickle-fork bow market with its signature mix of watersports performance, luxury, contemporary style, and smooth handling. For 2024, the 23 MXZ is all-new with innovations and style that are sure to deliver the ultimate on-water experience.

MXZ stands for maximized, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the large, pickle-fork bow. With plenty of space to sit facing forward or backward in the height of comfort, the 23 MXZ’s bow is one of the most popular spots on the boat. Complete with comforts like Wet Sounds speakers, phone caddies, grab handles, cup holders, flip-down armrests, and plush upholstery, the 23 MXZ’s bow sets the standard for modern wakeboat luxury and functionality. For 2024, owners can upgrade to the Natalie Seat™, which takes the bow up a notch by functioning as both a wind dam and a seat back for additional forward-facing seating.

“Pickle-fork bows have the same great performance as their traditional bow counterparts,” said CEO Jack Springer. “Many of our customers recognize the value in that additional forward space and absolutely love the 23 MXZ. It’s such a popular boat that this new model had to be perfect in every aspect.”

Continuing with the maximized theme, the 23 MXZ’s lounge features a spacious, wraparound seating configuration that takes advantage of every inch of interior space. Complete with luxurious backrests and knee-rise seat cushions, passengers can sink into the standard lounge configuration, or pop up seat backs to instantly create rear-facing seating that’s ideal for watching the family surf. Upgrade to the MaxPivot Seat™ to take the 23 MXZ’s standard bench from ordinary to extraordinary with multiple different configurations: a rear-facing seat, a picnic table seat, sun bed, and more. Malibu Soft Grip foam is marine-grade and covers heavily trafficked areas like the lounge floor, swim platform, and bow entry areas to provide sure footing. It comes in a design pattern that accents the boat’s 2024 look and is color customizable. Speakers, cup holders, phone holders, and hinged storage complete the lounge and ensure it is as functional as it is elegant. The billet aluminum glove compartment and deep, cavernous observer-seat-storage provide additional space for gear and personal items, and available wireless charging in both the cockpit and at the helm ensures devices last the whole day.

Above the lounge, the available color-matched G5 Tower holds up to four speakers and four board racks. Gas-assist shocks for raising and lowering make the tower quick and easy to fold down for bridges and boat lifts. Upgrade to PTM ClampForce 3.0 Board Racks to quickly and easily swivel the rack inboard, then use the ratchet function to clamp the board securely in place. Step up to the G10+ Tower™ for the upper echelon of comfort and convenience with tower lighting to illuminate the lounge, misters to keep the crew cool on long summer days, and automatic raising and lowering with the touch of a button.

The Malibu Command Center™ takes pride of place at the helm with a 12-inch center touch screen that houses all of the 23 MXZ’s considerable watersports functionality as well as driving and engine displays. The auxiliary screen accompanies the center screen with deeper functionality, all driven by the intuitive-yet-powerful mOS Malibu Operating System. The 23 MXZ can be setup to wakeboard or surf at a variety of levels from amateur to pro in minutes thanks to watersports presets and new fast-fill and fast-drain ballast pumps. The stock presets can be further customized with the convenient rotary sport dial and tactile buttons near the driver’s throttle hand.

The stern is just as maximized with a Soft Grip-covered walk path from the cockpit to the swim platform. Laid-back stern seats bracketed by cup holders create the perfect lounge spot while swimming at the cove, and the flip-down swim step assists both dogs and people for easy reboarding.

The 23 MXZ’s performance reputation precedes it with nothing short of world-class wakes and waves. From novices to pros, the 23 MXZ generates a clean, reliable, perfectly shaped wake or wave thanks to customized ballast and Power Wedge® III. Power Wedge® III is Malibu’s patented reverse hydrofoil that lifts and shapes the wake to generate more or less mass and a modifiable shape at the touch of a button. Power Wedge® III can be operated from the Malibu Command Center™ by the driver or by the surfer while they ride with Surf Band®. Surf Band® allows riders to control the tower speaker volume, shape of the wave, boat speed, and even surf side while they ride with Surf Gate®. Surf Gate® is Malibu’s revolutionary surf system that creates a perfectly-shaped, ocean-like wave on one side or the other while keeping the boat evenly weighted. When these Malibu innovations come together on the 23 MXZ, they produce an entirely customizable watersports experience for wakesurfing, wakeboarding, and foiling that is nothing short of world-class for riders of all levels.

Outside the 23 MXZ, the style lines have been reimagined to create a more three-dimensional visual experience complete with design elements that can be color customized. The striking new rub rail accents the embossed Malibu logo and extends around the pickle-fork bow for a breathtaking on-water appearance.

All-New Malibu 23 MXZ

Find your Truth On the Water™ with the newest member of the MXZ family.

All-New for 2024

The Malibu Wakesetter 23 MXZ

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