Loudon, TN | November 9th, 2023 — For 2024, Malibu Boats™, the global leader in watersports towboat sales, is announcing the release of its all-new flagship model, the Malibu M242. Building on the overwhelming success of its predecessor, the M242 takes performance, luxury, style, convenience, and innovation to a whole new level with this ultra-premium wake boat.

“Being the most premium boat of the best-selling watersports boat brand in the world doesn't come easy, so we knew the all-new M242 had to be nothing short of mind-blowing," said CEO Jack Springer. "It's not just one thing that makes this the ultimate Malibu, everything that makes Malibu special is packed into this amazing boat. The M242 has it all, and its new innovations are really going to surprise even the most-seasoned Malibu owners.”

The M242’s stylish luxury starts in the large, shovel nose bow. The broad, rear-facing seat is accented with signature three-dimensional diamond-textured panels contoured for comfort. The forward-facing seating is bucketed for ergonomics with grab handles where passengers’ hands naturally fall, and flip-down armrests make a lounger out of a normal seat. Integrated cupholders are beside futuristic speaker grills and sleek phone holders. By itself, this would be an impressive feature list, but the M242 is always more than it first appears. Transform the bow with the all-new Flip-Up Bow Recliner™ to a full playpen by flipping out the filler cushion, then convert the hideaway wind dam seat for an uninterrupted bench seat along the full perimeter of the bow. It’s never been easier to change the entire character of the bow, and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the M242’s groundbreaking innovations.

Continuing into the lounge, the luxury innovations continue. There’s a midship cooler that pulls double duty as a backrest, a removable transom filler cushion to make a path to the swim platform, and multiple wireless device chargers. The MaxPivot Seat ™ at the rear takes the lounge from an ordinary bench seat to a snack table complete with inset cupholders to a rear-facing seat to a sun bed in seconds. Again, this is a laundry list of functional amenities in itself, but the M242 goes far beyond with advances never before seen on a Malibu. The all-new Raise-&-Laze Armrest converts the observer seat into a full ergonomic lounger with the touch of a button, perfect for a long day of watersports spectating. The portside touch screen lets the crew control the lighting, audio, and heater without going to the helm. Standard three-layer, diamond-patterned Soft Grip is cool to the touch on hot summer days, feels plush underfoot, and makes for quick and easy cleanup after long lake days. Not to be outdone by the M242’s feature-laden lounge, the optional G10+ tower holds four speakers, four ratcheting swivel board racks, tower misters to keep the crew cool, and the color-matched tubing means owners can customize their tower to fit their personality. The electric lowering function folds low for bridges and boatlifts with the turn of a dial and raises just as easily—even fully loaded. The four tower speakers compliment the M242’s unrivaled lounge audio setup. The new Wet Sounds Zero 8 speakers with four subwoofers fill every inch of the lounge with crisp, clean audio and ensure an equal listening experience no matter where passengers are seated.

The All-New M242

From its head-turning elegance, indulgent luxuries, and impeccable craftsmanship, the M242 was engineered to perfection.

And finally, the most important seat in the cockpit is also one of the most comfortable, stylish, and convenient. The M242’s advanced helm features tech-forward innovations that put the captain in full control of the boat’s myriad features. The Malibu Command Center™ on the M242 consists of two, high-visibility, marine-grade touch screens. The center, 12-inch touch screen is perfectly placed to display watersports functionality and engine data front and center without sacrificing the driver’s field of view, and the second touch screen contains deeper functionality that lets owners tailor the boat to their personal preferences with features like award-winning zoned RGB lighting. Front and rear cameras offer another level of safety and convenience, the electric helm seat raises and lowers via dial, and a heavy-duty phone holder with wireless charging keeps devices going all day. The creature comforts in the M242’s helm go on and on. Continuing with convenience, Malibu’s watersports presets put a perfect wake or wave with various options at the driver’s fingertips. It’s as easy as selecting the wakeboarding level or surf side, then hitting load and letting the boat do all the work. Everyone is an expert on day one with the M242.

When it’s time to tweak surf settings, there are multiple options. The driver can do it from the center touch screen or the rotary sport dial, or the rider can customize their perfect wave while they ride with Surf Band™.

At the back, the M242’s ambition continues. The all-new E-Z Stash Board Locker™ opens effortlessly on gas spring-assisted hinges and stows full-size boards in a new wet storage area exclusive to the M242. The Max-Relax Sundeck Lounger™ provide either rear-facing seating or luxury chaise lounge seating through a simple conversion, and Transom Misters ensure loungers stay cool on scorching summer afternoons. And if the whole boat wants a break from the heat, the standard extended awning shades nearly bow to stern. The all-new swim platform has recessed cupholders and integrates the Powered Flip-Down Swim Step™, which makes it easy for both people and dogs to reboard after a long swim session.

Watersports performance is scalable from beginner to pro-level almost instantly, with all skill levels benefitting from Malibu’s iconic Wake Plus™ hull. This legendary running surface creates smooth, crisp ramps for wakeboarding and ideal curls for surfing straight from the factory with almost no effort. With Malibu’s legendary Surf Gate® Fusion wave-making system, the M242 creates a perfectly shaped, ocean-like wave on either side of the boat without moving any weight from side-to-side. Adding to the M242’s impressive water ballast numbers, Power Wedge® III—Malibu’s patented reverse hydrofoil—works to lift and shape the wake or wave to the rider’s preference. The M242 has the perfect wave for everyone at every level, whether they wakeboard or surf, and it’s incredibly convenient to set up.

The M242’s deep-hulled design makes for plenty of storage along with a spray-free, comfortable ride for its 17-person capacity. The hull depth contributes to the M242’s striking on and off-water appearance, which features angular hull characteristics with customizable gel coat combinations that give the boat a unique look.

All-New for 2024

Malibu M242

If you’re looking for unrivaled performance, cutting-edge innovations, and the most premium experience both inside and behind the boat, the top-of-the-line Malibu M242 is sure to deliver perfect summer days on the water every time.

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