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Malibu Pro Athlete, Brian Grubb has been tackling long trips for over a decade now. After taking multiple trips through the Southeast, he’s been under pretty much every bridge in the state of Florida, covering more than 90 miles a day on some trips. As an expert traveler, here are some tips from Grubb on how to prepare for overnight trips on your Malibu.


Grubb loves to get outside his comfort zone and challenge himself, and that means doing new things with new people in new places on a consistent basis. Some of his best memories have been on long trips, meeting new people at fish camps, short-term rentals, and campgrounds in the middle of nowhere. Get out there and plan something amazing with friends and family. It might just check a box on the bucket list you didn’t even know you had. Whether you’re exploring a new river or crossing a big reservoir lake, you’re sure to have an adventure.


Just because many people use their Malibu Boats for the day doesn’t mean your Wakesetter isn’t ready for a longer journey. Whether you have a 20 VTX or a 26 LSV, your boat is packed with storage, and that’s essential for a long journey. Store things you need to stay relatively dry under the observer seat console and pack the rest of the compartments full of your watersports essentials. Ropes, vests, surfers, wakeboards, foils and fenders will take up quite a bit of space, so try to keep clothing light, in layers and preferably waterproof.


Load your boat up with a well-fitting, US Coast Guard-approved life jacket for every member of the crew, along with your throw cushions. Remember, kids under 12 need to wear their life preservers at all times while the boat is underway. Keep your docking lights off at night so you don’t blind other boaters, but keep your anchor light on while you’re at rest and your navigation lights on when you’re on the move. It’s also a good idea to dim or turn off the ambient lights while underway at night so the driver has better visibility. A first aid kit is always a good addition to a longer journey as well. If you’re going somewhere remote, consider an EPIRB (Emergency Position-Indicating Radiobeacon) or Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), signal flares and a VHF radio. Check the weather ahead of time as well as while you’re out to make sure conditions stay favorable. 


When you’re going from point A to point B, you need to have a truck and trailer at the destination when you arrive. Most of the times Grubb has taken longer excursions, he’s had one of his friends lend a helping hand by dropping him off at his starting point, and picking him up at the end. You can have them drop your truck and trailer at the destination rather than picking you up, but don’t forget to bring a spare key.

Bug Spray

Bring it. If you don’t need it, great, but it’s best to have it. No-See-Ems near the coast and mosquitoes just about anywhere can be aggravating. 


Use available smartphone apps to navigate. With many apps, you can set a depth alarm that corresponds with your vessel’s draft that will notify you when you’re in shallow water. 

Food & Beverages

If your route is remote, be sure to pack a cooler full of breakfast foods, sandwich meat and bread, and snacks. If you plan to eat at marinas, resorts or other destinations along the way, you can keep the food to a minimum, but don’t skimp on snacks and beverages. Use a well-insulated cooler so you don’t have to keep filling up ice at every stop.


There’s a lot to cover with saltwater, so you’re going to want to do some homework. Stay in the channels, check your depth and flush your boat with fresh water at every opportunity. But that’s just scratching the surface of using your Malibu in saltwater.

With an overnight trip, your next boating experience could be your biggest adventure yet. Keep these tips in mind, talk to other boaters who have already done the route, and set a date. Who knows, you might even see Grubb out on the water. When you’re ready to design your custom Malibu for your next trip of a lifetime, visit our 3D Build-a-Boat tool or contact your local dealer. 

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