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When a lot of people look at a finished wake boat gleaming in the sun or on the showroom floor, they’re almost overwhelmed by the glistening gelcoat, billet aluminum and striking interior. Understanding that, it could be easy to ask the question, “all vinyl is the same, right?” However, there’s a world of difference between a high-quality, marine-grade vinyl that was expertly installed by professional craftspeople (in your custom colors, of course) and the other brands. Let’s take a deep dive into why the type of vinyl matters.

Cool Touch Vinyl

Even with darker colors – which tend to warm up the most due to heat absorption — Cool Touch vinyl helps to combat the mid-afternoon heat. Throw in the extended bimini sunshade and you and your crew will stay cool whether you’re in the water or not.

Marine Grade

Malibu holds itself to a standard of high-quality, marine-grade vinyl on every boat. This means it is UV, mildew, mold, abrasion, and tear-resistant.

Fit and Finish

If you’re not familiar with the phrase “fit and finish,” it’s the overall presentation of the boat’s components and how they come together in a harmonious package that’s pleasing to the eye. It all comes down to the little details, which Malibu doesn’t think are little at all. That’s why our in-house craftsmen and craftswomen steam-fit our vinyl to each individual panel or cushion. This steam fit process takes longer, but it ensures that every yard of vinyl installed in your Malibu has a perfect fit, completely free of wrinkles. This may not sound like a big deal if you haven’t seen the alternative, but let us assure you a boat’s lounge isn’t presentable if it looks like it needs a good ironing.

UV-Resistant Stitching

The stitching is a crucial part of your interior. If you’ve ever seen a boat, or even patio furniture, without UV-resistant stitching, you know what the danger is here. The vinyl you choose is only as good as its stitching, and if it comes apart at the seams due to UV damage, it’s an expensive repair. That’s why Malibu uses UV-resistant stitching that will keep your interior looking new for decades.


A boat is so much more than its function. It’s also about the personality you can put into it. That’s where the customization comes into play. From cushion bead to base panels and much more, you can pay homage to your alma mater, your favorite sports team, or even showcase your favorite colors with Malibu’s customization options. Match your gel coat with your Soft Grip and your vinyl, or keep them all separate colors. It’s completely up to you, and that’s the point. Aesthetics are all subjective, so we give you options to make your boat as unique as you are.


When you’re ready to design your new custom Malibu from the ground up, complete with custom colors, Cool Touch vinyl, and an extended sunshade, check out our 3D Build-a-Boat page or contact your local dealer for personalized help.