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Best-Selling Traditional Bows
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Crossover & Ski
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The Unsurpassed Alpha, the flagship of the iconic Malibu brand, the M240.

LSV Series

The Luxury Sport V-hull, or LSV, series are the world's best-selling traditional bow towboats.

MXZ Series

MXZ stands for Maximized. This is the luxury pickle-fork bow lineup.

LX Series

The VLX and MLX are the entry point in the Wakesetter series with all the Malibu performance and amenities in traditional and pickle-fork bow options.

Crossover & Ski

The Response TXi is the tournament approved waterski boat while the VTX tows the line between between wakesurfing, wakeboarding and slalom waterskiing.

Boat shows have officially kicked off in Texas to bring you an amazing opportunity to save on a new Malibu boat. Be sure to visit your local boat show and talk to your dealer about how you can save with Malibu factory incentives. Be sure to act quick because when the show ends, so do the savings!

As you prepare for the boat show, be sure to read up on what to look for in a boat with our “Six Reasons Your Search is Over.” This free article will show you how to shop for your new boat to get ready for an unforgettable summer.

Now that you are fully prepared for your local boat show, check out to the list below to see the 2020 international boat show calendar.


Boat Shows


FEB 19-23 Grand Rapids Boat Show Tommy’s Grand Rapids
FEB 21-23 Ottawa Boat Show Hurst Marine
FEB 20-24 Suissenautic US Nautic, Blanchard Marine
FEB 20-23 Central New York Boat Show Smith Boys Jansen Marine of Conesus
FEB 21-23 Lubbock In House Family Powersports
FEB 21-23 Omaha Boat Show Valley Marine
FEB 21-23 Victoria Boat Show Parker Marine
FEB 21-23 Anchorage Boat Show Southport Marine
FEB 22-24 Sportsmans Outdoor Recreation Show, Medford Water World
FEB 22 Fresno Grand Opening Boulder Boats
FEB 26-MAR 1 Atlantic City Boat Show Chessie Marine
FEB 27-MAR 1 Portland, Maine Boat Show East Coast Flightcraft
FEB 28-MAR 1 Central Oregon Boat Show, Redmond Active Water Sports
FEB 28-MAR 1 Greensboro, NC Boat Show Grandpa’s Marine & Inland Boat Company
FEB 28-MAR 1 Oshkosh Boat Show Shoreline Boat Center
FEB 28-MAR 1 Springfield Boat Show The Ski Shack
FEB 28-MAR 2 Northern Illinois Boat Show Munson Ski & Marine
FEB 28-MAR 1 Redding Boat Show Harrison’s Marine
FEB 29 Fresno On Water Demo Day Boulder Boats
MAR 4-8 Long Beach Boat Show Tilly’s Marine
MAR 5-8 Buffalo Boat Show Smith Boys Jansen Marine of Conesus
MAR 5-8 Knoxville Boat Show Moses Watersports
MAR 5-8 Winnipeg Boat Show Winnipeg Sport & Leisure
MAR 5-8 St. Charles Boat Show Stateamind Watersports
MAR 5-8 Warsaw Boat Show MD Watersports
MAR 5-8 Japan International Boat Show Tasker Marine
MAR 5-8 Austrian Boat Show Sports Avantgarde
MAR 6-8 Philly Boat Show Chessie Marine
MAR 12-15 Bend Boat Show, Redmond Active Water Sports
MAR 12-15 Sacramento Boat Show Larson Marine
MAR 12-15 Edmonton Boat Show SWS Marine Group
MAR 12-15 Novi Boat Show Tommy's Detroit
MAR 13-15 Bakersfield Boat Show Boulder Boats
MAR 13-15 Phoenix Boat Show Boulder Boats
MAR 13-15 Chantilly Boat Show Chessie Marine
MAR 13-15 Minot Boat Show River City Sports
MAR 13-15 Raleigh Boat Show Inland Boat Company
MAR 13-15 Worcester Boat Show East Coast Flightcraft
MAR 13-15 Montana Boat, RV & Powersports Show Missouri River Marine
MAR 20-22 Great Northeast Boat Show East Coast Flightcraft
MAR 21-22 Champlain Valley Boat Show Boat's by George
MAR 25-29 Reno Boat Show Ultimate Marine
MAR 26-29 San Diego Boat Show M2O Marine
MAR 26-29 San Antonio Boat Show Texas Malibu
MAR 27-29 Orlando Boat Show Tommy’s Florida
MAR 27-29 Great Upstate NY Boat Show Boat's by George
APR 3-5 Lake Havasu Boat Show Boulder Boats
APR 17-18 Pocatello Boat Show Idaho Watersports
APR 18-19 Lake Keowee Boat Show JC Sports
APR 25-26 Kelowna Boat Show SWS Marine Group

Past Shows

JAN 3-5 Austin Boat Show Texas Malibu
JAN 3-5 Boise Boat Show Idaho Watersports
JAN 3-12 Houston Boat Show SMG Wake of Houston
JAN 8-12 Portland Boat Show Active Water Sports
JAN 9-12 Nashville Boat Show TNT Watersports
JAN 9-12 Los Angeles Boat Show Tilly’s Marine
JAN 10-12 Chicago Boat Show Munson Ski & Marine & Gull Lake Marine
JAN 10-12 Overland Park Boat Show Stateamind Watersports & Iguana Watersports
JAN 10-12 OKC RV & Boat Show Wilson Watersports
JAN 16-19 Atlanta Boat Show SMG Wake of Atlanta
JAN 16-19 Sportsmen’s Expo Larson Marine
JAN 16-19 Hartford Boat Show Brookfield Bay Marina & East Coast Flightcraft
JAN 17-19 Mid-America Boat Show Buckeye Sports Center
JAN 17-19 Green Bay Boat Show Shoreline Boat Center
JAN 17-19 Fredericksburg Boat Show Chessie Marine
JAN 17-19 Huntsville Boat Show Rambo Marine
JAN 17-19 Little Rock Boat Show Lacey’s Boating Center
JAN 17-19 Milwaukee Boat Show Tinus Marine
JAN 17-19 LA State Fair Boat Show Bayou Outdoor Supercenter
JAN 17-19 Denver Boat Show Tommy’s Colorado
JAN 17-19, 24-26 Cincinnati Boat Show No Wake Marine
JAN 17-26 Toronto International Boat Show Gordon Bay Marine & Town & Country Marine
JAN 18-19, 24-26 Detroit Boat Show Tommy's Detroit
JAN 18-19, 24-26 Kansas Boat Show Stateamind Watersports
JAN 18-26 Dusseldorf Boat Show Dusseldorf Boat Show
JAN 22-26 Louisville Boat Show TNT Watersports
JAN 22-26 New York Boat Show East Coast Flightcraft
JAN 23-26 Baltimore Boat Show Chessie Marine
JAN 23-26 Birmingham Boat Show SMG, Blue Creek Marina & Rambo Marine
JAN 23-26 Upstate SC Boat Show JC Sports
JAN 24-26 Minneapolis Boat Show Minnesota Inboard
JAN 24-26 Jacksonville Boat Show Tommy’s Florida
JAN 24-FEB 1 Seattle Boat Show Seattle Boat Company
JAN 30-FEB 2 Rochester Boat Show Smith Boys Jansen Marine of Conesus
JAN 31-FEB 2 St. Louis Boat Show Stateamind Water Sports
JAN 31-FEB 2 Tulsa Boat Show Arrowhead Boat Sales
JAN 31-FEB 9 Dallas Boat Show Waterski America
FEB 5-9 Coeur D'Alene Boat Expo Hagadone Marine Group
FEB 5-9 Belgian Boat Show Malibu Boats Belgium
FEB 6-9 Chattanooga Boat Show Marine Outfitters
FEB 6-9 Montreal Boat Show Aqua Sport Marine
FEB 6-9 Vancouver International Boat Show Performance Watersports & Parker Marine
FEB 6-9 Halifax Boat Show QuarterMaster Marine
FEB 6-9 Calgary Boat Show SWS Marine Group
FEB 6-9 Utah Boat Show Taylor’s Boats
FEB 7-9 Midessa Boat Show Family Powersports
FEB 7-9 Charlotte/Mid-Atlantic Boat Show Lake Norman Marine
FEB 7-9 Columbia, SC Boat Show Captain's Choice
FEB 7-9 Jonesboro Boat Show Perfect Catch Marine
FEB 7-9 Lexington Boat Show No Wake Marine
FEB 8-10 Flathead Valley Boat Show Missouri River Marine
FEB 8-16 New England Boat Show, Boston East Coast Flightcraft
FEB 13-16 Ft. Wayne All American Expo Coldwater Lake Marine & Main Channel Marine
FEB 13-16 New Jersey Boat Sale & Expo Lake Hopatcong
FEB 13-16 Wichita Boat Show Marine World
FEB 13-17 Miami Boat Show Tommy’s Florida
FEB 14-16 Bismarck Boat Show River City Sports
FEB 14-16 Albuquerque Boat Show Surf N Turf
FEB 14-16 Indianapolis Boat Show Mid-Indiana Marine
FEB 15-17 Sportsmans Outdoor Recreation Show, Roseburg Water World
FEB 15-18 Missouri River Marine Boat Show Missouri River Marine
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