Malibu Year End Sales Event

Find Your Perfect Boat Before Availability Is Gone

If you caught yourself eyeing those Malibu boats out on the water all summer, it’s time to learn more about what only a Malibu can do. Right now is the best time to buy your new Malibu boat. Malibu’s annual Year End Sales Event is underway and 2022 models are still available for a limited time.

Our incredible Year End Sales Event discounts include up to $3,500 in purchase incentives— unbelievable savings from the world’s #1 towboat brand. Loaded with industry-leading surf and wake technology, luxury amenities and award-winning innovations, your new 2022 boat awaits while availability lasts at dealerships across North America.


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The Truth Is On The Water

Life pulls you and your family in a lot of different directions. Your Malibu brings you all back together.

Fall may seem like an unexpected time, but in fact, it is said to be the best time for buying a boat. Here are a few buying tips to remember as you shop:

Buying Tips

1. Find a manufacturer that lives and loves boating. To build the best boat, you need to spend countless hours on the water understanding every nuance and recognizing how to perfect it. View our walk-through video and catch a glimpse of the Malibu team at work.

2. Demand innovation, not imitation. Malibu’s reputation was built on innovation, pushing boundaries, embracing the latest technologies, and refusing to be satisfied with the status quo. Check out Malibu’s patented surf technology —being the best matters.

3. Enjoy your purchase experience, don’t dread it. Visit your local Malibu & Axis dealer to learn more and remember The Truth Is On The Water.


*US prices only. With participating dealers only. See your dealer for more details.

A 360 Immersive Experience

The 2022 Virtual Showroom

Check out Malibu's Virtual Showroom to experience the full 2022 lineup and choose the best boat for you and your crew. Hop in each boat and see what it's like on the water!

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Create the perfect boat for you and your family with our world-class boat builder. Once you finish building, be sure to save, print your spec sheet and take it to your local dealer.

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