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LSV Series
Best-Selling Traditional Bows
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The luxury pickle-fork bow lineup
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All the performance and just the amenities you need.
Crossover & Ski Series
Waterski, wakesurf and wakeboard all day


The Unsurpassed Alphas, the flagship of the iconic Malibu brand, the M-Series.

LSV Series

The Luxury Sport V-hull, or LSV, series are the world's best-selling traditional bow towboats.

MXZ Series

MXZ stands for Maximized. This is the luxury pickle-fork bow lineup.

LX Series

All the performance and just the amenities you need.

Crossover & Ski Series

Waterski, wakesurf and wakeboard all day

Over 30 Boats on Display

Welcome to Malibu's Virtual Showroom

From the comfort of your favorite chair, you can browse the entire Malibu model line-up with immersive media to get you directly in the boat and experience it in all directions so you can go in-depth on your next summer obsession.

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This exclusive experience includes:

1.     A 360-degree exterior and in-boat immersive experience in the showroom or on the water for the entire Malibu model line-up
2.     Actual dealer inventory with the same immersive experience featuring real-time inventory updates and pricing (more locations available every week)
3.     Boat specs for every single model
4.     Walkthrough and information videos for every boat
5.     Direct contact information to inquire or request a custom quote on your favorite boat

Right now, there is a unique showroom with real dealer inventory in the locations below. Check back for more locations to come.


·      Greater Alabama Area


Alberta, Canada

·      Greater Calgary Area

·      Greater Edmonton



·      Greater Inland Empire Area

·      Greater Los Angeles Area

·      Greater Orange County Area



·      Greater Colorado Springs Area

·      Greater Denver Area

·      Greater Fort Collins Area



·      Greater Clermont Area

·      Greater Jacksonville Area

·      Greater Orlando Area

·      Greater Miami Area



·      Greater Georgia Area



·      Greater Chicago Area



·      Greater Indianapolis Area



·      Greater Elkton Area



·      Greater Coopersville Area

·      Greater Detroit Area

·      Greater Grand Rapids Area

·      Greater Richland Area

·      Greater Walloon Lake Area



·      Greater Twin Cities Area



·      Greater Springfield Area

·      Greater St. Louis Area


New England

·      Greater Connecticut Area

·      Greater Long Island Area

·      Greater Massachusetts Area

·      Greater New England Area

North Carolina

·      Greater Raleigh Area

·      Greater Charlotte Area



·      Greater Cincinnati Area


Ontario, Canada

·      Greater Kawartha Area

·      Greater Muskoka Area



·      Greater Bend Area

·      Greater Eugene Area

·      Greater Portland Area


Quebec, Canada

·      Greater Montreal Area

·      Greater Ottawa Area


Saskatchewan, Canada

·      Greater Saskatoon Area


South Carolina

·      Greater Charleston Area

·      Greater Columbia Area



·      Greater Hendersonville Area

·      Greater Nashville Area



·      Greater Austin Area

·      Greater Conroe Area

·      Greater Dallas Area

·      Greater Fort Worth Area

·      Greater Houston Area

·      Greater San Antonio Area



·      Greater Ogden Area

·      Greater Provo Area

·      Greater Salt Lake City Area

·      Greater St. George Area



·      Greater Seattle Area

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