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The Unsurpassed Alpha, the flagship of the iconic Malibu brand, the M240.

LSV Series

The Luxury Sport V-hull, or LSV, series are the world's best-selling traditional bow towboats.

MXZ Series

MXZ stands for Maximized. This is the luxury pickle-fork bow lineup.

LX Series

The VLX and MLX are the entry point in the Wakesetter series with all the Malibu performance and amenities in traditional and pickle-fork bow options.

Crossover & Ski

The Response TXi is the tournament approved waterski boat while the VTX tows the line between between wakesurfing, wakeboarding and slalom waterskiing.

When Malibu Boats was founded in 1982, there was a simple philosophy driving every aspect of the brand: deliver the best on-water performance experience. Our commitment to this simple philosophy has driven Malibu Boats to become the largest and most successful producer of inboard towboats in the world. Today, 5 of every 10 towboats sold worldwide is produced by Malibu.

While on-water performance is still the core reason for Malibu’s popularity, continually exceeding customer expectations means that the work of improving upon the best is never done.

Malibu holds more patents than any other towboat manufacturer and more than 18 other manufacturers have licensed elements of Malibu’s technology.

At Malibu, we know that the details matter and we continue to manage every aspect of our boats, from concept to creation, to ensure our high standards are upheld. Today, Malibu produces 95% of the materials that go into our boats from Monsoon engines to towers to Soft Grip flooring – ensuring our customers get the highest quality and best performing towboats.

For each model year, Malibu introduces more new innovations and completely new boats than any other towboat manufacturer. With Malibu, it doesn’t matter which model you select, every boat benefits from the latest technology, amenities, and convivences.

Malibu is committed to producing the best performance towboats in the world. We invite you to learn more about the 2020 boats, but truthfully, the best wat to experience a Malibu is on the water.


Surf Gate®

With the other components of Malibu’s Integrated Surf Platform, Surf Gate creates the most dynamic playground for wake surfing possible. Period. Malibu’s ISP allows hundreds of customization options. No competitor comes close to offering that adjustability range.

Power Wedge III

The Power Wedge III makes your wakes and waves bigger by pulling down the back of the boat and saves gas by automatically getting you on plane faster. It now has five more degrees of lift for more usable positions and an improved exhaust pipe so it’s more effective and it looks better than ever. Our innovations are always evolving.

Quad Hard-Tank™ Ballast

Up to 5,000 lbs. across the wake setter line, our model specific quad hard tank ballast offers you the ability to set the size and shape of your ideal wake with incredible ease.

Command Center

Directly ahead of the wheel, the bright, high-resolution 12-inch MaliView touchscreen gives you finger-tap control of the ballast, Power Wedge III, Surf Gate, and navigation, with fast, easy access to customizable rider presets, media controls and a variety of gauge displays. For 2020, the new Malibu Operating System, mOS, is optimized to have everything you need right where you need it.

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