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The beautiful Trophy Lakes in Charleston, SC saw some of the best rounds of skiing of all time as the world’s top slalom and jump skiers came together October 1-2 at the 2021 Malibu Open. Behind the Malibu Response TXi, history was made in the Women' Slalom Finals with all four women, completing the 39’ off pass and skiing into the 41’ off world record pass. It was a feat that represented the greatest display of women’s final round slalom of all time. Congratulations to Regina Jaquess, Whitney McClintock Rini, Jaimee Bull, and Manon Costard for being the first four women to accomplish something that may have once seemed impossible! The most impressive and inspiring performance of the wotemen’s slalom event was from Malibu Team skier, Regina Jaquess running into 41’ off in all three rounds of competition just 4 months after having a major ACL surgery, demonstrating once again why she is the best women’s slalom skier in the world and the current World Record Holder.

Malibu Open 2021 Recap

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The Men’s Slalom rounds provided fierce, close, and world class performances. The 39’ off pass was completed 22 times and six skiers ran into the 41’ off pass in every round of competition, with the majority of scores being 3 or more at the 41 off pass. Congratulations to Will Asher, Thomas Degasperi, Adam Caldwell, Nate Smith, Dane Mechler, and Cory Vaughn!  The competition was so close and represented the highest level of talent and skill in Men’s Professional Slalom in the world today. This strength of the competition was unequaled and was evidenced by the four-way tie and associated run off for the Men’s’ finals.


The Men’s and Women’s Jump events brought together some of the best jumpers in the world. The Malibu Response TXi, powered by the Malibu Monsoon M6Di, towed three jumps over 180 feet in the women’s competition and 13 jumps over 200 feet in the Men’s competition, of which 5 of those Men’s jumps were over 210 feet. Furthest jumps at the Malibu Open were Jacinta Carroll with 189 feet, and Jack Critchley with 222 feet. Malibu extends our deepest thank you and congratulations to all skiers who came out to perform behind the Response TXi and to everyone who tuned into the live webcast. 


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