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For many of us, time on the water is the highlight of our week. It’s the standout play time that breaks up chores, work and school for the entire family. So why not try to maximize it? These pro tips will have you making the most of your day on the water from dawn to dusk.


Whether you use it pre-session, post-session or both, make sure you take full advantage of the heather. Use a Surfinity Heated Boat Blanket and you’ll have your own private sauna. You’ll be begging for the brisk water in no time.


This may sound obvious, but having a dry towel at the end of the day is key. When you get out of the water, towel off as soon as possible to avoid evaporative cooling. Keep a stash that the kids can’t get to until the end of the day. They’ll thank you when they have a nice warm towel (preheated with the heater snorkel) to wrap up in after their last session.


Hot Water Shower

Those early morning sunrise glass sessions and early evening sunset sessions are something magical. Other boaters haven’t joined or have already called it a day, the water is perfect, and you’ve got the lake all to yourself. But if the temperature dips and you find yourself reluctant to make your way to the swim platform, just lean on the hot water shower. This chill-fighting gem does exactly what the name sounds like, and it works extra well in tandem with a wetsuit. Stick it down the collar and you’ll be warmed up and ready to charge in no time.

Extended Bimini Sunshade

The extended bimini sunshade can help with a quick shower if it’s not windy, but another tried and true method is to scout out a bridge that you can duck under to stay dry. Be sure to load up on sunscreen, sun shirts and sun hats to stay protected from the sun on long boat days.


Load up your cooler and bring extra water and sports drinks so you can reload the cooler halfway through the day if it’s getting low. Most marinas will have ice, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is replenishing your cooler to keep cold drinks. And remember, the more air in the cooler the faster the ice will melt and the drinks will get warm, so keep it stocked and keep it closed.


Few things will kill the vibe quicker than running out of snacks. Your day will be done sooner than you can imagine if a blood-sugar-induced tantrum rears its head. Instead, be sure to pack plenty of snacks for your boat crew. Oh, and make sure they’re the right boat snacks too

GPS Speed Control

This one comes down to fatigue—or lack thereof—with GPS speed control. Your Malibu has speed control with GPS precision, so why stress about free-handing it all day? Lean on the technology instead to make your day on the water a breeze.

Realizing your day on the water is a marathon and not a sprint can make all the difference. The best water is typically earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon, so it may make sense to dip into a cove for a family swim session to beat the afternoon heat. That way everyone gets a chance to cool off at once. Squirt guns and floats can be a huge plus here, too.

When you’re ready to build your custom Malibu complete with a hot water shower, heater and extended sunshade, check out our boat builder or contact your local dealer for a day on the water today.

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