Wakesurfer Stacia Bank Joins Malibu Boats

Stacia Bank - Malibu Boats

With great popularity surrounding SURF GATE® and wakesurfing as an activity, Malibu Boats signed Stacia Bank to its surf team, announced by CEO Jack Springer at Malibu’s SURF GATE Firsthand event on April 31, 2014. Stacia, who resides in Minnesota, has a powerful style and is an accomplished wakesurfer who is always having fun. In addition, she's a great person to hang out with both on-and-off the water. Stacia will work closely with Minnesota Inboard, one of Malibu’s highest volume dealerships in a region that is booming. She will also be competing in wakesurfing's top events around the country this summer.

“I’ve always respected Malibu Boats for their quality and there’s just something very cool about a Malibu,” Stacia said. “Malibu’s have always had the best ride, performance and versatility. SURF GATE is the most progressive innovation I’ve ever seen for wakesurfing and it’s really made a huge difference in the sport. It’s an honor to be working more closely with Malibu now and continuing to help out Minnesota Inboard with projects and fun events. I’m really looking forward to spreading the Malibu vibe around the US this summer.”

“Stacia is another great person with fantastic talent for Malibu to partner with, as the world’s leading manufacturer of performance towboats,” Springer said. “I have worked with Stacia at events and boat shows and I always notice how a person relates to our dealers and customers. Stacia is a class act with great character. And now that I have seen her wakesurfing, there is no doubt she will be a well-rounded athlete for Malibu.”

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Stacia Bank - Malibu Boats

Stacia Bank

Stacia Bank - Malibu Boats

#TeamGoBoating selfie at SURF GATE Firsthand.

Stacia Bank - Malibu Boats

Stacia and husband, Chris Bank with CEO Jack Springer.

Stacia Bank - Malibu Boats 

Stacia Bank ripping at SURF GATE Firsthand.


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